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The installation of honeycomb panel


The installation of honeycomb panel

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1Hanging ear

It is a separate type of lifting lugs and honeycomb panels. The rubber lugs are connected to the honeycomb panel after being processed separately. The suitable width of the rubber seam is ≥12mm. This installation method makes the processing simple and easy to install.


It is the flange for installation when processing aluminum honeycomb panel. It only needs to be placed and connected with keel and rubber joint and suitable seam width is ≥ 10mm. This method is convenient to install, but the processing is slightly complicated, not suitable for modeling and curtain wall panel.

3Hook-and-loop lifting

Mainly used in ceilings with no height difference and no special shape, the ceiling is stable overall after installation. For honeycomb panels with large plate spokes and thinner panels, this method is not recommended for aluminum plate manufacturers that are custom-made.

4Z-shaped pendant lifting

It is widely used, easy to process, simple to install, and can be repaired by people above after lifting. It is suitable for ceiling installation of any shape.

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5U-shaped pendant

Use the way to hang directly to the keel and then fix it with the keel at your fingertips. This hoisting method solves the problem of the ordinary Z-type pendant type, which is wide in the plate spokes and has a low keel and cannot be installed by people.

6Buckle type

This node is aluminum buckle type, the buckle is a specific profile, the installation is simple, but this method has high requirements on the processing precision of the plate, and it is not recommended to use the plate with the length more than 3000mm. According to the width of the buckle, the seam in the plate is 20mm and 40mm.

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