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The difference form aluminum square and aluminum square tube


In the market of building decoration materials, many people will confuse aluminum square and aluminum square tube, not only because the names of the two materials are similar, but also because the shapes are long square. But if you look closely, they are very different.

Just like aluminum square, its main shape is presented in two forms, one is U-shaped aluminum square, the other is profile aluminum square. The shape of U-shaped aluminum square is long strip, the shape of the opening is like the letter U, and the interior is hollow, which is very convenient to install with the keel; the shape of profile aluminum square is also long strip, but its opening is groove shape, because its molding products are extruded through the mold, so it can be made into a variety of different shapes, such as the arc square .As we often see in the market arc square, round tube square, etc. They belongs to the category of profile aluminum square.


The aluminum square tube, which belongs to a closed decorative material, has a square opening and is also extruded through a mold. Because of this, it can also make different shapes. Generally, in the decorative materials industry, aluminum square tube will be classified as profile aluminum square.


In addition to these differences, their installation methods are also different. The installation method of aluminum square is mainly to cooperate with keel installation, while aluminum square tube is to be installed through other accessories.

There are many differences between aluminum square and aluminum square tube, for example, their application places. The former is mainly used for ceiling decoration, and the latter is used for exterior wall decoration and frame construction. In fact, the advantages of every product need to be explored by ourselves. No matter where you use it, it is the best as long as you are good at using it.

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