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Carlos successfully signed the Zhongshan Star Alliance project


Carlos signed the ZhongShan Star Alliance project, which provided about 40,000 square meters of diamond-shaped aluminum veneer with an outer curtain wall thickness of 2.5mm.

The Star Alliance Alliance's designers subverted traditional thinking and started the design of the entire project with lighting as the starting point and center point of the project. Buildings and interiors serve the lighting and exist as supporting actors in the lighting. Inspired by the minimalist architectural concept, the designers simplify the complex and give the structure of the building a concise and functional character.

The overall appearance of the building is a square that is 210 meters long, 160 meters wide, and 60 meters high.

The curtain wall uses the "crystal lens cutting surface" as an architectural element. The use of aluminum veneers to form the visual effect of crystal-cut surfaces makes the entire building look like a huge crystal palace. The use of crystal elements eliminates the heavy feeling and pressure of this large building, giving the building a sense of lightness and transparency. On the other hand, it also conveys the "light" signal and shows the meaning of light.

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