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70,000 square meters of Star Alliance


Products: Shaped aluminum ceiling (diamond plate), stone




Carlos signed the Star Alliance project in Zhongshan to provide an outer wall of 2.5mm thick diamond-shaped aluminum veneer of about 40,000 square meters.




Star Alliance is located in the Government Center of Guzhen Town in Zhongshan, adjacent to Gemini Tower, with a total construction area of nearly 300,000 square meters, and is divided into three major pavilions: International Top Lighting Pavilion, the International LED Light Experience Hall and China's high-end lighting brands Museum. Inside the building, it also set up a bar, lounge and other recreational areas. There are 60 meters high grand hollow, 1400 square meters of ultra-high-definition LED sky curtains, 4 ladders spanning 5 floors, lots of recreational areas with luxurious decoration, scientific and humane intelligent space, and beautiful architectural lighting.


The overall appearance of the building is a cube of 210 meters long, 160 meters wide and 60 meters high. Facade curtain wall with "crystal cutting surface" was applied into the building, and the aluminum as the material into creating crystal cutting surface visual effects, so that the entire building looks like a huge Crystal Palace.  The application of crystal elements eliminates the sense of heaviness and oppression of this large building bringing to viewers and makes the building look light and transparent.

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