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square exterior aluminum panels manufacturer for roof Carlos

square exterior aluminum panels manufacturer for roof Carlos

Square exterior aluminum panels manufacturer for roof Carlos

Square seamless package column
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Product Information of square exterior aluminum panels manufacturer for roof Carlos
Application Scope
aluminum curtain wall is available in a wide range of applications such as chemicals, autos, engineering, machinery manufacturing, electric appliances, and house upgrade.Carlos Metal Building Material always gives priority to customers and services. With a great focus on customers, we strive to meet their needs and provide optimal solutions.
Enterprise Strength
  • Carlos Metal Building Material puts the customer first and provides them with quality services.
Company Advantages
1. To Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd., adopting superior raw material for exterior aluminum panels is responsible for customers.
2. The strict internal quality control system enables exterior aluminum panels to reach the international leading level.
3. The product meets with the industrial safety and quality standards.
4. This product keeps the body well supported. It will conform to the curve of the spine, keeping it well aligned with the rest of the body and distribute the body weight across the frame.
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Square seamless package column
The use of square seamless pillars provides an overall concise visual space for large decorative spaces; especially in the vagaries of architectural design, flattening has become another visual buffer, often giving ordinary surprises and enjoy!

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Company Features
1. Boasting for its high technology and strong technical force, Carlos has gained its wide popularity for years.
2. Our manufacturing plant runs smoothly under the help of some cutting edge production facilities. These facilities are robust enough to meet the needs of our customers in an acceptable manner.
3. We are turning to earth-friendly business methods. Our green initiatives mainly start from reducing energy resource wastes, seeking environmental-friendly packaging ways, and cutting energy consumption during production. We support green production to gear to sustainable development. We have adopted approaches for waste disposal and discharge that will not pose a negative impact on the environment.
The seat is as described and comfortable .... the only problem is the drain plug is missing and Amazon has no place to inform them of this so I hope they read this review and contact me .....
Haven't mounted it yet, but I really like what I received. I am going to do a removable mount. I purchased stainless steel footman loops and I am going to use straps to hold the cooler/seat down. The slots in the side where the seat back pivots are wide enough to allow the straps to clear without binding. This will allow me to easily move the cooler around the boat. Impressed so far. Time will tell as to how it holds up. Update 1/3/2013: Have been using this for a year and a half. We love it. I mounted it using nylon straps so it is easily removable. Holds lots of fish and gives us a comfortable seat. Very pleased. I keep it covered when not in use and it looks like it will hold up well.
I bought this flip back cooler for my 17 foot pro line, I went one step further & had MR Ray Martin create a mounting bracket with a footrest, what a great idea, soo now I have a leaning post cooler flip back seat. MR Martin is located in Hardeerville South Carolina. he was a pleasure to work with
Good unit with lots of room and its own screw down legs. Only thing that sucks is no little tools to install the back rest and no instructions .... Ie can be used as a fish well so what chemicals do you clean with, max weight unit can hold on seat . And it drains from bottom so once screwed down you better have a drainage system set up... Drain is a rubber plug pushed into hole from inside unit. Still can't get over how fast unit made it to my door .. SC ,US to northern alberta. Canada in 4 days.
Easy installation. Seems to be of high quality materials. Time and use will tell.
The swing back seat is a great product. In my opinion it is a better seat than the higher priced swing backs. Walter
Very nice sized cooler. Good quality!
These are great. We ended up buying another one because the first one worked so well. Installed on the Skiff as a helm seat....very comfortable and easy for the husband and I to sit side by side. Flipping the backrest makes it easy to sit when fishing off the back of the boat. Installed the second one on the dive boat behind the helm. Use the cooler for wetsuits, towels and regulators. The seat makes it easy to gear up before we DIVE in! Great, sturdy construction. They clean up very well. During a recent fishing trip, a bloody fish bled all over the boat. The seat cleaned right up with a magic eraser and looks as good as new!
Nice addition to my boat
I love this seat. Installed in my Hurricane deck boat. Exactly what I wwanted. Works great. Very large. Perfect and great price!
It was just what I was looking for. I put it on a 17ft skiff to replace a smaller cooler. It holds ice all day.
This is the correct dimensions for this product. 37.00"W x 18.50"D x 34.50"H. Those are the dimensions given by the manufacturer on their website. [...]
the original seat that came with the boat. Installed exactly the same in the same place in about five minutes. all that was replaced was new stainless screws.
Replaced an existing one had on the boats since new works well good cooler and storage for under seat bought a new one instead of replacing cushions or reupholstering
I’ve been kicking myself for not taking part in the Osee 15.6″ Field Monitor group buys that were running a month or so ago. And while I’m sure its worth every penny of its $995 price tag, it’s strangely difficult for me to spend that much when I know others got it for a few hundred less. Also, it’s probably overkill for my needs. While LUT support, focus assist, peaking, waveform, etc are all necessary, I have those features on my 5″ and 7″ monitors, from which a feed can be run to a larger production monitor, making those camera assist tools somewhat redundant. Even if I were to use this monitor alone, I’m shooting with a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera that has many of those features built-in too. With the Osee out of the picture, I started hunting for a more affordable alternative. I found this 13.3″ 1080p panel, called the GeChic 1303H. A lot of people were using it for gaming and streaming movies. It looked promising. But had some drawbacks, like being limited to an HDMI Micro port. But while Googling the model number, a different monitor came up: Yiletec 1303MCPT. It had some crucial improvements: a full size HDMI port, black bezel, built-in VESA mounts. Interestingly, a few different 13.3″ monitors came up, but they all had the same “1303” base in their model designation. Don’t have concrete proof but my guess is these are all the same base panel in different housings by different companies. So on a leap of faith, and encouraged by the positive reviews for the GeChic display, I pulled the trigger. It arrived today. I was careful not to tear any plastic, or to remove the protective film over the screen while testing it out, in case I needed to make an immediate return. I set up my rig with the Odyssey 7Q+ sending a feed over HDMI, powered it up, and my initial reaction was: nice detailed image, black blacks, but the colors are wrong. I went into the monitors’s Picture Menu and made some quick adjustments: pulled down the color saturation, set color temp, turned of noise reduction, and so on. Within seconds I had pretty closely matched my Odyssey’s screen. The second I knew this was a keeper, I ripped off the protective film covering the screen, and mounted it to a Kupo VESA light stand mount. Earlier I mentioned that buying this was a leap of faith. That’s because the listings of this monitor neglect some key details. I knew some specs. Brightness: 350cd/m2, Contrast: 700:1, Resolution: 1920×1080. But there were no reviews for it anywhere. I couldn’t tell how much it weighed or how much control I’d have to dial in the image. Happy to say it met most of my hopes. It’s bright with good contrast and reminds me of my MacBook Air screen in many ways. Color rendition is good. In all likelihood this is an 8 bit display. I’m guessing it weighs about 3 pounds. The only thing about it that I’m not crazy about is the glossy finish. But it’s no different than the screen of my Odyssey 7Q+, or SmallHD 502. That being said, I am on the hunt for a suitable sunshade now. Another concern I had was if there would be an issue with 24hz frequencies because only 60hz and 50hz were listed. So I ran through all the framerate settings the Micro Cinema Camera had to change its output and was glad to see the monitor black out and sync up with each of the 60hz, 50hz, and 24hz signals. It even displays the incoming signal frequency in the bottom left corner, confirming its compatibility without a doubt. I also can’t detect any additional lag when viewed side by side with the monitor I’m looping the signal through. It comes with a table stand, power supply, remote, manual, and some cables. I noticed that they also have a 15.6″ version but the brightness and contrast specs were a little less good: 300cd/m2 and 600:1. If someone out there decides to give this larger version a day in court, please let me know how you like it. Granted I’ve only had it in my possession for half a day, but I don’t have any hesitation in recommending this Yiletec 13.3″ monitor to budget conscious filmmakers who want a little more screen real estate on set. I bought the version housed in a plastic casing. There is also a metal version, but I was concerned abut its weight. Either way, priced at $339, I think this is a steal. A worthy addition to my arsenal.
It fit perfect into place. It is a very quality piece all the way around. the tops of the metal supports are finished off nicely. The fabric is good and durable with a faux stitch which I like. Very appealing. Our old seat had round metal supports and these are flat metal. I prefer the looks of the flat metal but I noticed if you sit sideways the flat metal edge is probably not as comfortable against your leg. But I like the looks of the metal recessed into the back rest cushion...that is the only trade off I could see. I highly recommend...Plus it came in a matter of days as it was in stock when we ordered...big plus.
Love this backpack. It is replacing my older Gregory. Well placed, functional pockets. Easy adjustments and access to main pocket. Frame is comfortable and rides well. I am 5'5" with short torso and the x-small fits well. Unless my scales are incorrect, it is a few ounces heavier than claimed. I am very light weight, so a stable frame is a must. Looking forward to many miles in the backcountry with this pack.
It is nice lots of room. Ice does not lasr long
High quality, bought three, all installed on our boat, they all work and look great. Buy it.
Easy to install, looks nice, sturdy, and remarkably simple. It was installed in a Grady White, center console fishing boat.
We wanted a seat that we could operate the boat and then reverse the back and use it as a fishing seat and this seat is exactly what we wanted and fit our expectations perfectly. It is very comfortable,well made, and easy to install.
I am quite pleased with this seat, especially the back rest. It replaced a cooler seat that was just strapped down. I epoxied two strips of teak onto the deck to cover the old rusty holes and then screwed this into the teak. So far everything is tight. A previous review complained that the holes are canted making screw installation not flush. I believe the 5 degree can't is deliberate to assure a more firm attachment but in any case not difficult to accomplish.
Very durable, good insulation.
great product comfortable and cooler is excellent
The best. Makes my fishing experience awesome.
After receiving info from previous buyers through my requests, the item is what is described to be, well built, sturdy and durable, it looks good on my boat !
I removed my original helm seat and I am using this Moeller swing back cooler boat seat as a helm seat. Fits perfectly for my Regal 233 Ambassador boat (25') . I store my 4 adult and 2 child life jackets in it. Very good quality.
When the seat was delivered, the box was pretty beat up. It was split open in about three places and the corners were pretty damaged. It was bad enough that I took pictures before opening it. Luckily there was no damage at all to the seat and no missing parts. I've been told by a guy that owns a boat parts place that the Todd, Moeller, and Wise swing back seats all share the same base and cooler. I'm not 100% sure of that, but I know they sure look the same. I replaced the (I think it was Todd, not sure) swing back seat I installed in the boat 18 years ago. It still worked and looked good, but the upholstery was shot. I would have just recovered it, but unfortunately the seat could not be disassembled as all the years of sun, rain, bleach, and salt air had corroded the screws into place, and nothing was going to get them out. This is why I suggest assembling the seat with Never Seize. 'No guarantees it will come apart down the road, but it couldn't hurt. The other thing was although the seat is nearly identical, the mounting holes were a little different. They were spaced the same, but this seat has the holes and screw head seats tilted outwards at a slight angle where as the old seat simply had holes drilled straight down. The angled holes make it much easier to install screws. Due to the space limitations on the old seat I had used lag bolts which would no longer work in the new seat because the tilted recesses were too small for a 1/4" lag bolt and small washer. A trip to the hardware store for 8 Phillips screws was needed. I filled the old mounting holes with epoxy, but found the the new tilted holes would intersect the old holes, so for the sake of strength I decided to move the seat about a 1/2" forward. None of this was a big deal. I would buy this seat again in a minute.
This is very good quality, well worth the cost of freight, has been in my boat now for at least two years and even after being exposed to salt air, hot sun for an expanded period of time it is looking good. Amazon service is great sending this all the way to Australia. Yeah I did buy when our dollar was worth more than the USD so was cheap for me at the time.
This thing is really good I have a couple Yeti's so I know what quality is, the ice has been lasting me at least 4 days in the northern California Sun, Well built thank you
High quality but it should be for the price. Fit perfect as replacement on 21 Carolina skiff. Only con is cooler was pure white, seat was off white. Wish the seat was a little whiter to match the cooler perfectly. Not sure why it wouldn’t in the first place.
We recently acquired a gently used C-Dory 22' Angler. It has a 6' x 6' open cockpit in the back with no seating or storage. We intend to use it for cruising and for taking out inner-city youth retreats on the Chesapeake Bay, so we needed to add seating and storage. Problem solved with three of these units. One in the middle of the stern, and one on each side of the cockpit, forming a "U". We recently took four adults (plus the captain)for an all-day cruise and they couldn't have been more comfortable. While this cooler/folding seat is designed as a reversible helm seat for a center-console fishing boat, it serves equally well as a customize-able and removable seating / storage / cooler unit for any open-cockpit fishing boat, pontoon boat, or other open-design vessel. These units will transform our fishing boat into a cruiser by providing ample seating and on-board storage for cocpit and motor covers, fenders, food, ropes, etc. After researching numerous options, including some that looked just like these but of lesser quality, I chose these and was glad we did. They are well made, comfortable, and have plenty of insulation for cooling with blocks of ice for cruising. Great boating product to replace or upgrade the seating and storage of any boat!
Wow looks like th 500.00 ones very happy new boat
I have used this seat for the last few months. All my passengers love how comfortable it is, and I love that it keeps my beverages cold. I own a second one used as a live well, and it works great!!
Good quality, cleans up nicely, overall happy with product. Installed on 17' Proline center console
Very satisfied well made fit great.
Easy to install. This cooler seat made a world of difference in comfort on my 18' Cobia
Nice quality, easy to install. shipped quickly.
Top notch quality! Love it ! Works well on my 17 ft center console
Sturdy, quality seat
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