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Qinghai-Duoxinba Project

Qinghai-Duoxinba Project:

First: simple nesting and tailoring of initial materials;

Second: Because there is a certain degree of curvature in the middle and sides of the product, it is necessary to pay attention to the correctness of the angle when bending, to ensure that the product does not deform or crack after spraying; Besides, different bending tools need to be changed in the bending. Performing different angles requires a certain amount of patience in addition to being careful;

Third: Polishing is more important part than bending, and here is the link to check quality. It is necessary to completely polish the surface of the board, and it is necessary to ensure that the surface of product is smooth and easy polished, which the current cannot be too large or too small during the polishing process, so that the surface of the board is not flat and cannot be spliced, resulting in a certain waste.



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