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Punching aluminum veneer


Punching aluminum veneer: As a member of the aluminum veneer category, punching aluminum veneer has almost all the advantages of this product line. They are light weight, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, good chemical stability, easy installation and maintenance, excellent decorative effect, etc. The surface of the punching aluminum veneer is mechanically perforated. In addition to making it look elegant, such a treatment helps reduce noises. This is a key for the product to be widely applied.

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On the one hand, punching aluminum veneer can be used to reduce noises. It is commonly used as environmentally friendly noise barriers on the highways passing through the urban areas, subways, and other municipal traffic engineering facilities. It can also be seen in some building walls, generator rooms, factories, etc. as the noise-reducing acoustic board, and in some ceilings and wall panels of the buildings as the acoustic material. On the other hand, punching aluminum veneer can be used to create a beautiful, fashionable, and personalized style. For example, it can be the stairs of the building, the decorative panel of the balcony, the ceiling, and the screen, and meanwhile be the protective cover of machine and equipment (say, air conditioner). Now some Chinese manufacturers are applying for its patenting.

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