After over 8 years of development, Carlos has developed three different types of products and completed over 300 projects widely applied in more than 30 countries and regions. Our main products include aluminum panel, ceiling panel, and honeycomb. Each product plays an important role in the decoration and building of the architecture.

We adopt CNC machining technology and imported machines to ensure the products are manufactured to be of superior quality. All our products have been certified under RoHS, CNAS, and so on. Due to the great performance of our carefully-selected aluminium and other materials, the products are made to be of good weatherability and corrosion resistance. The products are easy to clean and maintain, offering users a lot of convenience. We also lay an emphasis on decorative effect of the products. By adopting surface coating technology, the tiny particles on the surface can be efficiently removed and the surface will be smooth and flat, presenting a high gloss to the viewers.

To satisfy different needs, our R&D team has developed several solutions. There are different shapes of products including honeycomb, the curved plate, trapezoidal plate and other shapes. All these products are meticulously processed by shears, bending machines, arc bending machines and other equipment and are guaranteed to be of a long lifespan. Besides that, we have plenty of colors like brown, white, and dark blue and styles for customers to choose from.




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