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panel aluminum panels customized for roof Carlos

panel aluminum panels customized for roof Carlos

Panel aluminum panels customized for roof Carlos

Hyperbolic aluminum veneer
Delivery Time
According to the processing drawings and specific requirements
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Payment Terms
Prepaid 50% deposit, cleared balance payment after the goods are finished.
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Product Details
aluminum panel sheet's outstanding quality is shown in the details.Carlos Metal Building Material actively introduces foreign advanced production equipment and technology, so as to improve product quality and production efficiency. aluminum panel sheet sells well and enjoys a wide recognition in the domestic and foreign markets due to good quality and favorable price.
Application Scope
curtain wall is available in a wide range of applications such as chemicals, autos, engineering, machinery manufacturing, electric appliances, and house upgrade.Carlos Metal Building Material is able to meet customers' needs to the greatest extent by providing customers with one-stop and high-quality solutions.
Company Advantages
1. The manufacturing process of Carlos aluminum panels is strictly overseen. The amounts of raw materials or water are exactly calculated by the computer.
2. The product will never be out of shape. Its heavy-duty components and parts are perfectly designed to withstand extreme industrial conditions.
3. aluminum wall panels exterior innovated by Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. is highly marketable in world markets.
/  Product Introduction

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Hyperbolic aluminum veneer
Hyperbolic aluminum veneer product modeling peculiar, complex process, the company uses Germany imported universal molding machine, with special CNC hyperbolic software to produce finished products with high precision, smooth surface, can be arbitrarily customized hyperboloid, spherical surface, creating a unique Beautiful three-dimensional shape. The company uses the technology of skin stretch and three-dimensional modeling to solve the technical difficulties of the industry. The board surface effect is better than the flatness of the double plate produced by the split welding, and the installation effect is better than the double Curved curve more smoothly, the company became one of the few companies in the industry of hyperboloid and profiled aluminum veneer. The hyperbolic product provides designers with a broader space for design, which fully demonstrates that the hyperbolic aluminum veneer Metal curtain wall irreplaceable features.

/  Technical Support

1、Explanation on the  installation node of the product.

2、Explanation on the  installation process explained of the product.

3、Explanation on the after-sales problem of the product.

4、Contact us:, we will reply to you within 48 hours.

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Company Features
1. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. is known for rich experience in manufacturing aluminum panels .
2. Our customers has new confidence on our technology research and development center.
3. Carlos Metal Building Material will keep following the purpose of 'Think for customers, supply high quality products'. Inquire now! With the effort of many years in aluminum composite wall panels manufacturing industry, Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. is worthy of your trust. Inquire now! Carlos Metal Building Material always takes the quality and service as guarantee. Inquire now! Carlos Metal Building Material renders that we can only succeed if our customers succeed. Inquire now!

1. With 7 Years of experience in manufacturing certified aluminum products(cladding wall panels and
pergolas) to more than 30 countries & regions, with Australia being our main market.
2. Providing a wide range of aluminum product series with the most competitive price as a factory.
Customized design is acceptable by AlunoTec.
3. Offering well packing & shipment suggestion to avoid unnecessary troubles.
4. Having a professional, positive & responsive trading team to provide reliable service.
You can have our outstanding after-sale service in anytime.
5. AlunoTec always maintains a strict standard for product quality with good reputation.
We ensure our client that only reliable quality product is provided.

Common thickness of aluminum panel in stock are 1.0mm,1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.0mm. 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm are normally for indoor decoration (partition, screen, ceiling, trim, wall cladding, art and etc.),
2.5-4.0mm are for outdoor usage( cladding wall, balcony guardrails, shaped shutter, fence, gate and etc.).
Regular sizes of aluminum panel materials, standard size is 1220x2440mm, width range is 900~1500mm,
length range is 1800~4000mm, It is flexible enough to be made any shapes according to the shop-drawing.

We offer a 15 years warranty on the structure, along with PPG Brand coating of PVDF surface finish.

Our product can work along with an integrated LED lighting system, plants and pergola. If you have any
further ideas we are very happy you to share with us.

It takes about 10 working days for 1000 square meters. Larger orders may take longer.
Short lead times are possible on occasions when there is a tight deadline on a job, so please ask.

1) sketch / Shop-drawing with sizes?
2) Surface Finish (powder coating, polyester, PVDF, wood grain & etc)?
4) Fittings needed?
3) Quantity ?


Packaging & Shipping

* Packaging: Aluminum Aerofoil Sun Louver packed in strong cartons, bubble film,Pearl cotton or as per                           request.
* Delivery: 15~20 working days according to ordering quantity.

Different calores and good price
So far, beautiful! Made a nice difference
This is by far one clever, cost effective product that gives an instant home upgrade! They come in 32 even sized rectangles that are magnetic. You can stick them in whatever pattern you decide but I chose to keep it simple with the “4 window” pane display. My double doors used all 32 magnets. Simply separate and stick. That’s it! Awesome way to update your house without breaking the bank. I also bought the magnetic carriage door hardware (also from amazon) to enhance the look.
I was SO pleasantly surprised with these! I read through multiple reviews of similar items. I figured if it wasn’t any good - ok, if they’re crummy it wasn’t a huge waste of money! WHAT A PLEASANT surprise- welllllll worth the money! Easy to apply, easy to move & our neighbors are already commenting wanting to know “when did you get a new garage door” Huge curb appeal & a very noticeable difference! Very very pleased with these!
My dad is very like this idea, it is great, he always thinks our garage door looks too simple. The material is magnets which are easily applied to door and can move or adjust easily as well! we installed it within 10 minute and do not need anything screwing in it, but I suggest you can use a rope to ensure everything was straight, because the instructions did not tell you how to make it straight. They look amazing and seem very sturdy, my dad was very happy to received many compliments from my neighbors on these decorative panels, they look real and you have to be quite close to be able to tell that they are not. I also like the DIY ideas, but there is no instruction how to guide you, so I keep my one star, maybe next time we can buy it again and design it to another shapes. And now, I am going to purchase more magnetic hinges and handles hardware to decorate our garage door, it would be very nice. Recommend!
Replaced coach lights for same price it was going to cost me to paint old ones
Have bought 3 all excellent quality
Prompt delivery, good quality, easy install. Everything I was looking for.
Replaced my 20 year old porch lights after one quit working. WOW these are truly beautiful; THANKS!
Can't beat the price! Aluminum but solid for the price..
I ended up replacing all 7 outdoor lamps in the Casa Sierra. They look very elegant! Easy to install.
The lights are well constructed, they were packaged well and all required hardware was provided. Delivery was on time.
Took it out of the box to look at it and it is very nice. Have not put it up yet.
This product is great , self explanatory and easy to install .
My door is not magnetic
Quick and easy to apply.
Product was as described, very bright for 10W. Will be purchasing more very soon.
I know wall mounts are all metal, but this one REALLY stands out. I have it mounted in my living room above my couch, so I wanted a mount that was classy as well as sturdy, and I'm glad I chose this one. Pro's- Solid, thick steel construction, works with several size mounting styles, has dual adjustable tension, swings as smooth as glass with no sound, puts your monitor (or tv) in a myriad of different positions if so desired, has a cable track that routes cables so that it doesn't interfere with the movement of the arms, easy wall installation (easiest mount I've ever done, in fact), looks GREAT, includes a long T-handle key that allows easy adjustment even with the monitor in place, and includes all necessary hardware. Even the instructions were easy to follow. Con's- 4 black plastic zip ties that were included were junk. I broke all 4 just trying to use them- the little tooth in the square end of the tip tie broke on all 4. It's the only flaw, and because it wasn't a flaw with the product itself, there's no reason to dock any stars. Besides, I've got a canister of a bazillion zip ties that I got on sale somewhere and needed an excuse to use them! NOTE- Please understand this arm only tilts downward 5 degrees, but upward some 70 degrees. I needed much more so I modified mine by bending the steel stops out of the way so I could get further downward tilt, and it worked great (can't take credit for this- I found the idea on the Egrotron forum and watched a youtube video, just keep in mind that you void the warranty, not that you'll need it). It does take some muscle because, as I keep mentioning, it's steel. I used a pair of channel locks to do make the modification. Just google it. It doesn't ruin the mount or compromise it's safety in any way- You'd be hard pressed to break the also solid steel spring that gives it tension. You can't go wrong with Ergotron. I was surprised by the weight of the arm, but I guess solid steel should have good heft to it. Even my wife commented on the quality of it when she picked it up as I was installing the bracket on the wall. The thumb screws to mount the monitor to the arm were a nice touch, but you can use the regular screws instead if you so choose.
I purchased this wall-mount monitor arm, and I am TOTALLY satisfied with it. I expect the majority of people wanting a high-quality articulated mount for a medium to large-sized monitor would like this as well. Let me explain a little... This mount is very well-made, and I don't just mean it's "nice." No, this monitor arm is almost entirely thick, highly-polished aluminum, with some steel inner parts and hinges, and as you probably notice in the photos, it has two lower shrouds made of plastic for hiding monitor cables cleanly, but these are not structural parts; they are only cosmetic. This thing is STRONG, solid as a rock, looks great, and is somewhat heavy, with FIVE different hinge points (!) for maximal articulation and versatile positioning of your screen. The vast majority of other monitor mounts out there are pretenders to the throne, but not this one. I'm serious! When I got this out of the box, I almost thought it was going to come alive and transform into Optimus Prime! This mount can handle large, heavy monitors (but it is not for really big flat-panel TVs), and it can render your massive desk-robbing screen into an elegantly floating panel that can be moved very gracefully without any wobbling or other annoying habits you might expect from a cheap unit. If you ever wanted to float your panel off the desk and be able to move it all around into many different positions without difficulty, this mount unit is probably what you want, assuming you want a wall-mounted version, which I definitely did. I find several significant advantages to wall mounting over other ways of doing it. I have a Dell Ultra-Sharp 27-inch monitor, and this mount works superbly with it and could definitely handle the 30-inch version as well. If you have any flat-panel monitor in that size range or smaller, and it has the now-common VESA mounting setup (the rectangular plate in the middle of the back, with four small bolts), you will be able to use this arm. If your monitor already has a desk stand attached, turn it around and check, because most likely that stand is bolted to a VESA-style mounting plate and can be removed by simply unscrewing four small screws. I know, you're saying "What do you mean, the VESA mount is not just one; there are different sizes!" Yes, yes, that's true, but this monitor arm supports many different sizes of mounting plates, including the 75x75, 100x100 (which is what my Dell monitor has), and several larger sizes too. Do not assume you will need an adapter kit unless you can carefully confirm it first (read the manufacturer's description here or go to Ergotron's website), because in all likelihood, you won't. I can personally guarantee you that Dell Ultra-Sharp 27-inch monitors fit perfectly with no adapter whatsoever, and MANY others will too. This arm includes a very complete hardware pack of assorted bolts for the various ways you might want to mount this to the wall, plus several adapter brackets for the larger VESA hole patterns. As for the details about installation... As I said, this arm is beefy and made for handling rather heavy loads, so you obviously are going to have to mount this to the wall VERY securely. That does not mean putting plastic anchors or toggle bolts into the drywall and going with it... no way! That won't do. Even with heavy-duty drywall anchors, you really wouldn't have enough strength using the drywall alone and eventually this mount would over-stress the wall material. You must find a stud (you know, the large wood members inside the wall) and mount to that with the large bolts provided in the hardware pack, or you must have a concrete block wall that you can drill into to place anchors (some homes do have some block walls), or you must be mounting to some other very strong substrate. There are kits available for special mounting arrangements, like post mounting off the table or mounting to a track-like assembly that allows more vertical motion than the arm itself allows, and you can look into that if you need something special, but if you have clear wall space where you want to have your monitor, you can probably make this work just fine. I did regular stud-mounting, and it is very easy if you have a good drill and an adjustable wrench or socket set. To do that you will need a stud finder (a tool, usually electronic these days) or you will have to be quite good at tapping/listening and drilling tiny exploratory holes that you can fill later. I have a stud finder, so I had no problem getting a spot arranged. Ideally you should also have a small level available for ensuring that the mount base is level/vertical on the wall when you drill the holes, but this isn't super critical; you could probably eyeball that alignment if you had to. One thing I would recommend when mounting this is to lay your monitor face down on a towel on the floor or a table and very carefully measure all the arm-to-wall and arm-to-monitor dimensions before getting totally committed to a mounting spot on the wall. Note the hole pattern and what clearance you would like to have between the table and the bottom of your monitor, plus viewing distances, arm angles, etc. This arm can move a lot, but certain positions are the sweet spots that you want to be sure you will be able to achieve in the finished installation, so don't barge ahead until you have measured and planned carefully. In my case, I sat in the chair I use and measured the ideal height range I wanted to achieve for the monitor and the ideal center spot for it on the wall, marked the wall and then started working backwards from there. The finished job came out exactly to my desires, and I really couldn't be happier with it. You can do the same! It isn't difficult, but take your time and plan a little before drilling. Also note that wall studs are not exactly evenly spaced inside any given wall, and every wall is a little different, so you may have to adjust your desired position slightly to account for the location(s) of a stud. A little care and time will produce a great result. This arm has two tension adjustments for two of the movable joints, so don't fear that it can't be adjusted to feel right with your can. Even with my heavy 27-inch monitor, I achieved a very suitable tension in the arm joints and now I can easily move it all around, draw it way out and tilt it back for easy screen cleaning, then glide it right back into ideal viewing position. No sweat, no pulling up cables, no back strain or long leans over the table, nothing...except lots more table space and great viewing! I love this setup and cannot imagine ever going back to a desk stand for a monitor. This monitor mount is great!
Let me start off by saying that I bought this mount intitially to use with a samsung 22" LCD and later upgraded to an Asus 27" LED screen. In both cases everything worked fine BUT the tilt spring was a bit too strong for my monitors, hence the I could not set the screens at the lowest setting, they would keep tilting up about an inch which was quite annoying. After further examination I figured out I could just unclip 1 of the 2 springs that are responsible for the tilting action which resulted in just the right strength for my monitor. It no longer creeped up and was still strong enough to hold it into any position that I set it. Here are some pictures to help illustrate what I did. This whole issue was really not ergotron's fault because they do state a minimum weight in the description which I did not take into account. Other than this issue everything else works as it should although I think everything would be a bit smoother if I had a heavier monitor. Really the only reason I chose this over the LX mount is because this mount looks much nicer than the LX in my opinion. All in all I am extremely pleased with this mount. It is extremely well built and is definitely the best looking mount I've ever seen. I just wish ergotron would add a bit more adjustability so this can accommodate lighter monitors since I'm guessing monitors will likely only be getting lighter in the future. So this mount has some very minor issues that if addressed would make it almost perfect IMO. P.S. I forgot to mention that the little grey aesthetic rubber piece at the very end of the mount also broke off, but I just glued it back on
This sucker is huge and heavy. Installation was easy. It took me a while to decide the mount location then to insure that I screwed this correctly into a wall stud. I mounted a 24 inch Lenovo touchscreen all-in-one to this over our kitchen counter. My wife thinks this thing looks like a robotic arm or leg. The bulkiness of the lcd arm does overpower the monitor, but this was the only item from Ergotron that will support the weight of our monitor. I really like the fluid motion of the arm. It's buttery smooth and stops and stays where you position it. Very nice. Overall I like it, just wished it was a little thinner and less industrial design.
This is a well made unit, solid aluminum. The arm is quite flexible at 3 pivot points, and the monitor mount pivots in 2 directions, as well as the ability to rotate. Make sure you anchor it to a beam/stud. I have an Apple Thunderbolt 27" attached to it and would not hesitate to order another if needed. Do yourself a favor and measure, and remeasure, and measure again to be exact before you mount it. You need to be precise if you are mounting a large monitor as you may not leave a lot of wiggle room if you measurements are off. The mount is dead center of the display so divide the height in half and then factor in the clearance needed off the desk or wherever it is. Take your time to do it right and you will be quite pleased.
This arm has been great over the last year or so. I mounted my 30" NEC monitor on it and aside from tightening down the spring resistance of the various controls to support the weight of this monitor, it has performed flawlessly. The installation procedure is a bit involved (as is mounting anything heavy to a wall), but honestly it's extremely easy. It moves easily and stays in whatever position I leave it in.
The arm itself is very well made and heavy. The only drawback I could find was that according to the manual figures (yes there is no text, just pics) the included wire ties should be used to tie the wires on the upper portion of the arm. However, the holes are too far apart and the wire ties are too short, to be able to do that. Minor complaint, but being a software engineer, I expect the user manuals to be accurate and correct. The product itself is of very good quality.
Using this on iMac 4k, holds it perfectly in place. Tilting can be difficult but if it's too easy the display will slide on its own. If you're on the fence between wall or desk mounted, consider that with a desk mounted arm each time the desk is bumped your display will wobble. Love this thing!
Love this it holds my mid 2011 iMac 27" with no problems. I can move my computer around with one hand. This system has an adjustable spring with which you can adjust for weight and desired ease of movement. By far the best wall mount for the iMac!
Ergotron as a company really needs to reevaluate some issues. Here at our corporation, Ergotron is our go to for both desk and wall mounts. We are in the middle of getting rid of the MX line and quickly changing to the LX. However, after learning you CAN'T purchase replacement parts for ANY Ergotron arms, I feel as if I were speaking to Microsoft (if you lose a USB dongle to a microsoft device, you are out of luck. No replacements, no "re-pairing" of any device). What a waste, Ergotron! If we as customers are willing to pay 25% of the original cost for a part, you should be willing to provide. I will need to seek another brand.
These mounts are fantastic! They work for a bunch of different brands as they have a few different mount patterns. Wires can be routed through the removable covers, making it looks clean and sleek. The mount stays exactly where you leave it, and it give you full 180 degree rotation left to right. I've bought about 25 of these for work, and have mounted them to anything and everything. You get about 40 degrees of tilt with the screen itself, making it pretty versatile. Great value for the price, and I'd recommend this to anyone looking to get a touchscreen PC off of the table.
really nice fixture well constructed
Well constructed and attractive. Good value
great product I would highly recommend
This is the second Ergotron mount I have purchased and both are excellent ! I used this mount for an older model Sharp Aquos 36" flat screen TV. The mount is very well designed and the installation is straight forward and only requires two adjustments to get the weight properly counterbalanced. Once the adjustments are made the flat screen floats effortlessly and can be raised, lowered and tilted with ease. See the documentation at for detailed specifications for each model.
A simple little adjustment and my Imac 27 hangs in front of me, AWSOME. With all the adjustment I could ask for. Solid, stable, easy to hang if your a little handy, Don't forget the ergotron quick release bracket, a must, well worth the money. The best money I ever spent.
I love it. very practical and very strong. the material used is perfect. I wish they had extra arms which could be added to this to extend this mount. that way it would have been a perfect movable arm for any laptop and monitor. I would recommend this item.
Exactly what I needed! I mounted a 27" Asus monitor to this wall mount and it is perfect! Doesnt move unless I want it to move. It installed really easy and I attached a photo so you can see!
Great solution. Works fantastic. Be sure to pay close attention to where you mount this above the desk. I reccomend setting the bottom of the mount, at least 8.5" above the desk.
Install was easy and straightforward, components are solid and I'm not concerned about anything breaking under use, and the adjustable tension to suit the weight of the computer or screen you are attaching works well.
Good quality! Thanks!
I purchased these solar lights several months ago and I have been more than pleased with the purchase. I live in a 3-story townhouse with trees bordering the back. I wanted to add a bit of light protection because the area in the back is pretty dark. I mounted these two lights on opposite sides of my second story balcony and was immediately delighted with them. They are solar which means no electric bill or timers to set. I truly believe that you will love this particular product.
I purchased 1 of these solar lights and I was so impressed that the next day I ordered 4 more. Easy to attach to an outside surface. Set it and forget it. Even on a cloudy day, it collects enough daylight to work all night long.
Great light, very bright !!
Love my lights! Just what I wanted and they look great!
All arrived in good shape. Easy to put up. Quality seems okay also.
Nice, inexpensive light fixtures.
Great deal. Thanks
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