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Metal Roofs and Cell Phone Signals: Everything You Ought to Know



Metal roofing is quite common throughout the world. Many people favor this type of roof for its exceptional beauty, sturdiness, high energy efficiency, and fire resisting capabilities. Another significant benefit of metal roofs is the protection against damages and leaks. However, there been numerous complaints of weak phone signals after metal roof installations. 

So what's happening? The situation leaves one to wonder if there is something METAL ROOF PANEL.

MANUFACTURERS are doing (or not doing). However, the fact is it’s not their fault. The answer lies in how your cell phone works. 

The Truth about Cell Phone Signals

Cell phones use RF (Radio Frequency) waves such as 4G & 3G LTE from strategically placed service towers. Many people measure phone signal strength from such towers using the number of bars. Even so, using bars isn’t accurate since it’s up to a courier company to decide how many bars to have on its service. 

Thus, a Verizon phone showing a bar might have the same signal strength and speed as a T- Mobile phone showing 3 bars. A better way to measure signal strength is figuring the decibel (dB) reading. The dB is the frequency at which all cell phones operate. 

Generally, phones have frequencies ranging from -50dBm (highest) to -120dBm (lowest). It means that if your mobile is at -120dBm, the area is pretty much a dead zone. Thus, the nearer you are to -50dBm, the better. 

How Metal Roofs Affect dBm

Contrary to popular belief that roofing products from METAL ROOF PANEL MANUFACTURERS block signals, they merely amplify any existing interference. 

Anything that interferes with signals from a service tower lowers the frequency by reducing the dBm. So your metal roof is just one of the materials affecting phone waves. Still, it drops a signal’s total dBm by about -30 to -50dB. Some of the other things upsetting your phone’s frequency level include: 

·Mother Nature

Naturally occurring physical features like hills, mountains, and trees can affect cell phone signals. Even the weather alters a service’s frequency by lowering the dBm. For example, rain reduces a service’s strength by -3dB. 

The highest Mother Nature can affect your signal is up to -20dB. 


Clear glass will refract or reflect cellular signals by about - 4dB. 

·Dry Walls

Most home builders use Sheetrock for ceilings and walls. It is a defender from intruders, plus RF waves too, with the rates reaching up to -2dB. 

·Fiber Glass Insulation

Finding fiber-glass insulation in the attic or walls is commonplace. Nonetheless, this material will cut your cell phone signal by over 50%, especially when tag-teaming with the drywall. 

·Ply Wood

 It’s another sheet material that affects cellular signals. Ply Wood is worse when wet because it becomes spongy and weakens services by around – 20dB. 


The thin layer of paste constitutes of cement, lime, or gypsum as well as acts as a protective coating for walls and ceilings. Plaster affects RF signal strength from -8 to -16dB. 


The industrial strength of concrete is excellent for the creation of robust structures, which is why many architects/ builders love it. Nonetheless, concrete has a signal altering capacity of -10 to -20dB.

No surprise there. 

Doesn’t it seem like your whole house plus its surroundings are just one big signal shield? 

The truth is that many things interfere with cellular signals. You can’t solely point the finger at metal roofing. Even materials like tinted glass and bricks have RF signal distorting capabilities. 

However, there are few essential things are provided by METAL ROOF PANEL MANUFACTURERS, it will tell you about roofing materials: 

ü All metals affect signals. So whether they use aluminum, iron, steel, copper, or brass, your RF signal strength will get distorted. Nonetheless, some metals have slightly higher degrees of distortion than others. 

üMost roofing materials amplify signal disruptions. Things like wood coupled with asphalt are good at interfering with your signals. As long as the finish is thick, signal disruptions are likely to occur. 

What You Can Do About the Disruption

As long as you live under a modern roof, there is a high chance you won’t enjoy optimum signal strength. It doesn’t matter how good your METAL ROOF PANEL MANUFACTURERS are. Mind you, the disruption of RF signals also affects your internet and radio. 

Luckily, you have options when dealing with weak signals: 

1.A Repeater System

The system has three main components: a broadcaster, an amplifier, and an antenna. It’s ideal in an establishment with multiple occupants receiving cellular signals from across a spectrum of providers. The antenna stays on the building’s exterior to receives cellular signals. 

On the other hand, an amplifier's installation happens in the building's interior, mostly in the attic or between your ceiling and roof, with a wiring connection to the antenna. What completes the system is the connection from the antenna to the broadcaster. 

The repeater system can work excellently in buildings over 70000 square feet. 

2.The Cell Phone Signal Booster

Boosters are great for a home with one or two cell phone users. There are only two components that make up a cell phone booster: an antenna plus a secondary booster. For the system to work, the booster gets connected to both the cell phone and the antenna. 

Boosters are available in many electric supply stores. Still, look out for cheap products that aren’t effective. You can ask for professional advice from your METAL ROOF PANEL MANUFACTURERS. 

3.The Single Antenna

Sometimes, clueless or eager-to-sell suppliers may miss-advise you to buy a single antenna to boost cellular signals. Please don’t fall for it. Your METAL ROOF PANEL MANUFACTURERS should know that single antenna is only suitable for increasing internet speed, signal and strength. It cannot boost cell phone signals. 


In as much as metal roofing has a severe effect on cellular signals, the problem will be over as soon as you invest in a repeater system or a signal booster. Don’t miss out on the outstanding advantages of metal roofs because of signal problems. Additionally, always go for the best suppliers for both roofing and signal boosting systems.

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