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Maintenance knowledge of curtain wall aluminum veneer


Today, I would like to talk about the maintenance knowledge of aluminum veneer curtain wall. Although we often say that the service life of aluminum veneer curtain wall is long, some external factors will inevitably affect the damage of aluminum veneer curtain wall in the use process. If we do not repair or maintain in time, it will affect the overall beauty of the building. We also need to maintain the curtain wall in time. What should we pay attention to in the daily maintenance of the aluminum veneer curtain wall?

Here are some maintenance tips and the right approach:


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1. When we order to install the aluminum curtain wall, we usually sign the product quality assurance agreement. When using, contact the aluminum veneer manufacturer in time, such as within the warranty period. If any problem is found, the aluminum veneer manufacturer is responsible and obliged to check and maintain the aluminum veneer curtain wall for the customer free of charge.


2. Generally, we need to check the aluminum veneer of curtain wall regularly. There may be corrosion. Due to long-term exposure to the sun and rain, there may be aging due to corrosion loss or damage. Therefore, we need to regularly maintain the curtain wall aluminum veneer, and deal with problems in time to avoid potential safety hazards. We should choose high-quality aluminum veneer curtain wall sealing strip with national safety product quality to ensure the sealing effect and waterproof effect, so as to ensure a longer service life.


3. Although the surface of aluminum veneer curtain wall has good self-cleaning performance, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly under the condition of long service life. Here, we suggest to clean the curtain wall once within the service life of 20-24 months. After cleaning, the aluminum veneer curtain wall can have the original luster.




4. If there is external scratch on the aluminum alloy single panel curtain wall, the paint layer on the surface will be damaged. At this time, the help of the manufacturer can be sought. They will match the surface color of the product with the repaired color to achieve a uniform color effect. If the product is seriously damaged, it is necessary to return to the factory for spraying after removal.


The above 4 points are possible problems in the use of aluminum veneer curtain wall. If we encounter these problems in the use, it is better to find a professional to maintain or seek the help of the manufacturer.

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