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Main factors affecting the performance of aluminum honeycomb core


The aluminum honeycomb core is manufactured by aluminum foil and special aluminum honeycomb joint glue on the aluminum honeycomb core production line. The factors affecting the performance of aluminum honeycomb core materials mainly include parameters such as aluminum foil, noodle glue and honeycomb core specifications.

1. Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil should use 3003/5052 grade, the process should be strictly surface treated, in order to meet the strength or durability requirements

2. Node glue

The epoxy resin should be epoxy modified high temperature curing adhesive, which not only provides sufficient bonding strength but also has excellent environmental resistance and high and low temperature resistance. Common adhesives tend to degumm the aluminum honeycomb core due to low strength, resulting in overall failure and instability.

The joint strength of the aluminum honeycomb core is the main basis for evaluating its performance, and its joint strength data should be ≥2.0N/MM.

(See Aviation Industry Standard HB5443-90 of the Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics of the People's Republic of China for the Specification of Durable Aluminum Honeycomb Core Materials for Sandwich Structures)

3. Aluminum honeycomb core specifications

The aluminum honeycomb core size is determined by the thickness of the aluminum foil and the cell size of the honeycomb. The aluminum honeycombs of different specifications have different densities and different mechanical properties, and the manufacturing cost thereof also has a large difference.

The aluminum honeycomb core specification can be expressed in two ways: the honeycomb inscribed circle diameter (imperial unit) and the aluminum foil thickness/pore side length (metric unit). The national standard in China is expressed by the thickness of the aluminum foil/the length of the hole

Production process of aluminum honeycomb core:

Gluing hot pressing milling stretching and cutting finished product.

The process is material selection (aluminum foil) feed glue machine running glue machine lamination (surface smooth, up and down dislocation) hot press curing pressure relief trimming finished product.



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