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Introduction Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels


Aluminum honeycomb panel is a material that has been used on the application of floors, sanitary modules, interior panel’s partitions, energy absorbers, galley, furniture, and doors due to the high strength to weight ratio that has caused corrosion resistance. The thickness of the foil and diameter of the cells determines the density of the honeycomb, which weighs from 20 kg/m3 to 163 kg/m3. They are hexagonal in structure to make sure that they fit together maximizing their space making them well fit.

 The aluminum honeycombs are made light weights that are connected by an adhesive layer and two outer aluminum sheets. They prevent the three forms of stress from occurring; the tension in the cover sheets due to bending, compressive stress that occurs in the core of the proximity of the loan application and the shear stress in the core.

 Aluminum honeycomb panels enable the TRB lightweight structures of the train that are produced by the floor and chassis create a high strength and lightweight structure. The combs are stiff, resistant to fire; they have a flat appearance shear, compression, and corrosion resistant. They have an N SPACE that builds the materials with anodizing so that the panels can have much more fascinating finishes that make them attractive to the public.

 They can be used to deflect laminar flow ventilation and absorb kinetic energy as it is a crash absorber. They have blocks that cannot be expanded that are 1000mm standard and their cell diameter ranges from 3mm to 25mm.


 This is a chemical resistant honeycomb that can be used in aggressive environments to support filters and reduce corrosive gas emissions. There are three types of polypropylene honeycomb with TNT and without TNT:

•  The polypropylene honeycomb with TNT – it has a thin thermal- welded sheet on both sides.

•  The polypropylene honeycomb without TNT

•  The polypropylene honeycomb with TNT and a plastic film- it also has a thin thermal- welded sheet on both sides.

 They are bounded with materials such as aluminum sheets, high-pressure laminate skins, fiberglass, and marine plywood that can be glued or thermo- welded to technical fabrics or TNT, so as to make the easy production of sandwich and lightweight panels. They can be used as waterjet cutting materials when they are used on flat surfaces or can be made into any other cutting tools.

Drilled aluminum honeycomb panels

 This is a type of perforated aluminum honeycomb that is used as a core for vacuum tables and for molds in the wind blade industry. It is made of aluminum that has alloys belonging to the 3000 series, that is, the aluminum alloy 3003, aluminum alloy 3005, aluminum alloy 3103 an the aluminum alloy 3104. The diameter is measured on request and the thickness foil is approximately 70 microns +16/-8 microns. They have longitudinal 6 hole perforation that is standard to allow the correct flow of air.

Nomex honeycomb commercial grade

 This is an aramid paper that has a unique combination of properties that enables superior electrical insulation. The material is used in military shelters, boat hulls, auto racing bodies, shipping industries, aeronautical and railways. They can be used for commercial purposes and can be easy to carry their materials as they are light and not bulky as compared to other materials.


 The alucore is made up of two cover sheets and a honeycomb core of the aluminum. It serves a variety of applications in the transport industry, industry, and architecture showcasing excellent product properties that include:

 •  Flat surface

•  A large variety of colors

•  High formability

It can be used in the following applications:

•  The marine

•  For protective covers formulations

•  The railway

•  The roads

•  For the ceiling and roof applications

•  For cladding or partitions

•  For machine casing

•  For the urban furniture design

The alucore aluminum honeycomb has properties that make it the best choice for railway stations. These properties include:

•  They can be easily processed

•  They are fire resistant thus reducing the cost of repair and replacement in case there is an occurrence of fire.

•  They are light in weight thus ensuring that there is high speed.

•  They are stiff and rigid

•  They are UV resistant

•  They take longer to wear out.

•  They are weight resistant.

Benefits of using aluminum honeycomb panels

 •  Using an aluminum honeycomb can help in reducing the cost of effective weight savings in rail vehicles as they are composite of the seats, doors, ceiling panels, and floors. They increase the functionality of the floor covering, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, heating and the introduction of easier cleaning options thus helping you accomplish the weight reduction on the rail vehicles. They make certain that they save on cost making them cost-effective.


•  They enable that they increase the requirements of the passengers as they reduce the weight in the rail vehicles. They improve crash structures and the alterations to the seating regulations with the crumple zones hence making trains to become heavier. It is not advisable for the weight of the trains to gradually increase. The aluminum honeycomb is used to ensure that the weight of the train is reduced due to the composition of the; body shell, external doors, HVAC, couplers, driver cab, interior linings, interior doors, seats, and the passenger interior.


•  There are alternative lightweight composites materials that have standards that meet the rail industry demands. They combine with carbon or phenolic pre-pregs, fire retardant foam cores, the latest thermoplastic materials and the newest EN 45545 fire standards. They are lightweight core materials that are stiff and lower the complete panel weight. Some of the light materials include Nomex honeycomb, balsa, foam aluminum, and cork composites.


  They are alternative lightweight solutions to convectional materials such as plywood. They have benefits such as; They last long especially during the wet weather and in wet areas. This is due to their trait of being resistant to the corrosive nature of their environment and ensures that they can last long without corroding.

  They are relatively cheap and thus making them cost-effective. You can be able to save a lot of money and invest in other areas due to the budget-friendly rails.

  They lower the refurbishment of the rail.

   They increase loading as per the square meter as the spacing are beneficial of the lightweight aluminum honeycomb floors.

   They have lower demands on the operating mechanisms due to the lightweight.

  They can be easily installed due to the recyclable factor.

  They are made of stainless aluminum steel and are smooth enabling the train to easily slide through.


•  The passenger space has gradually increased the availability of passenger space due to the decreased thickness. The thickness is made as per the requirement of the railway company.

The aluminum honeycomb panels are easily purchasable at the comfort of your home by identifying the best online shop that is reliable for you. They optimize the corrosion resistance by ensuring that they reduce energy. You should also ensure that your aluminum honeycomb panels on railway vehicles are approved by the TRB lightweight structures LTD to ensure that you are not scammed or duped into buying materials that do not meet their requirements.

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