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How to install aluminum plates


Aluminum plates are mainly used in the interlayer position and roof position;

(1) After the steel keel is installed, install the entire aluminum plate and re-install the aluminum plate installation center on the keel.

The positioning line, the geometrical dimensions of the ink line should meet the requirements, and the ink line must be clear.

How to install aluminum plates.jpg

(2) According to the position of the numbering diagram, install the aluminum plate, and install the aluminum plate to pull the horizontal and vertical control lines.

There is always some unevenness for the entire steel frame, and the aluminum plate support point needs to be adjusted and leveled. Always pull the steel wire when installing.


(3) During the handling and lifting process, the aluminum plate should be transported vertically, and the aluminum plate veneer platform should not be handled. This can avoid deflection of the aluminum plate.


(4) During the installation process of the aluminum plate, the installation according to the number of rivets specified by the design shall not be less loaded. During the installation process, not only the flatness should be considered, but also the size and various indexes of the divisional joints should be considered, and the error should be controlled. Within the scope. And the aluminum plate protective film is installed in the direction of the arrow to prevent the aluminum plate from being misaligned.


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