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How much do you know about the new building material aluminum veneer


How much do you know about the new building material aluminum veneer

Aluminum veneer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate through a variety of processes. Fluorocarbon coating is a new type of building materials. With the development and progress of social economy, urbanization is becoming more and more extensive, and people's quality of life is getting better. Due to the need of urbanization, many high-rise buildings have been built in many places, but these buildings produce a surprising amount of construction waste every year. 

Construction waste is a potential hazard. The disorderly stacking of construction waste has not been properly dealt with. The soft construction waste is piled into mountains. Once it rains, it may cause disasters, and even block the river. Therefore, the most urgent task is to deal with construction waste. It is the first task to put an end to the phenomenon of disorderly stacking and ensure the safety of the public.

The use of environmentally friendly building materials or materials that will not produce too much construction waste is also an effective way to reduce construction waste. Aluminum veneer is a good choice, aluminum veneer can resist all kinds of pollutants and strong corrosion resistance and high hardness, the most important is the high recovery rate of aluminum veneer, even if it is not suitable to produce waste products can also be recycled, is the most environmentally friendly building materials.

Aluminum veneer can also be made into different shapes, such as ceiling, curtain wall and so on. Aluminum veneer has strong processability, and can be made into various complex three-dimensional shapes and spray personalized patterns according to customer needs. Aluminum veneer has many advantages and new environmental protection, which has become a widely used building material in modern architecture.

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