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Honeycomb Used In Kaiping Donghui City Project

Kaiping Donghui City will become the iconic commercial aircraft carrier of Jiangmen's industrial culture. It will become a strategic location for the flow of people, business and capital in the central area of Guangdong's Wuyi area and even the Pearl River Delta.

The interior and exterior decoration of the mall are all made of aluminum veneers of different specifications and shapes. From the bottom up, both sides use wood grain transfer technology to make the original ecological visual effect, plus the appropriate rolling arc, so that the splicing is more perfect; each package column is made of ceramic white curved hollow board, curvature and shape carvingwhich is also a test for the craft; the Fangtong version of the ceiling is a layered sense for the entire mall and the unique art board adds a fashion to the mall.







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