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Honeycomb Core Panels


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Honeycomb Core Panels

There are a variety of Panel Designs used in the market these days for providing advanced look, the way they work and better technologies that can be implemented and worked upon them.

Shapes have always mattered in terms of efficiency, look and feel of such products and have been experimented over the years.

Honeycomb Core Panels Overview

Among many types of core panels used now-a-days, honeycomb core panels is the one which has shown tremendous demand growth, durability and power in all terms.

Its name suggests is based on the shape of honeycomb design and hence is hexagonal in structure. In general there are five layers of any material: skin, adhesives as well as honeycomb cores, adhesives and skin. For making skin layers, the materials which are very good in tensile strength and compression are most suitable like steel and aluminum.

Adhesives should have qualities such as resistance at high or low temperature, high toughness. A variety of honeycomb cores are available in different designs and shapes demanded by huge range of industries in the market.

It is used in designing panels and materials for almost all kind of industries such as Buildings, Medical equipment, Transportation, Recreations, Industrial parts and materials and many more. Its shape is the main reason why these panels have combination of unique and exceptional qualities like strength, longevity, portability and lightweight.

Honeycomb core panels are the most suitable panel system to be used for flooring, walling, recreational and construction materials. Not only semi-solids but also hard materials like metals and synthetic are developed in honeycomb shapes. Even Plywood, Fibers, Steel, Aluminum, Kraft paper are manufactured using this shape. Fillers can also be used as it has enough filling spaces which can be utilized well for improving its strength but it is not absolutely necessary to use fillers as it can be left as it is.

These panels are made up of lesser fillers and materials than other panels in the market. However, its strength is not compromised in any way. This is the very reason; They are reasonably priced and economical. Having said that, the sturdiness of these core panels increases when it is made more and more thick, which means them are suitable for developing core materials which gives the overall product more strength.

Honeycomb core panels Features

- These panels are fabricated with design features that can be built custom such as light in weight, flat shapes, radiation protection and fire and water resistant. Some of these materials also have capabilities and features such as they can be rolled, proto-typed, machined, punched, sheared, routed, formed and cut.

- Because of its lightweight, they act as defining solutions for some of the major industries which include marine, aerospace, construction, military, transportation etc. Construction industry has been taken by storm lately with this terrific material. This has drastically improved ages of constructions around the world.

- These panels made out of aluminum are widely used as flooring materials in airplanes and marine transportation because of its low weight and robustness.

- One more outstanding quality it possesses is its capacity to work at high temperatures and adverse atmospheric conditions. Fiber honeycomb panels are utilized mostly in space crafts, missiles and war machines. They also are found to be very effective in marine and heavy military structures. Not much heard of, Polypropylene honeycomb panels are used to make acoustical materials to reduce vibrations and noise in many industrial applications.

Pros of Honeycomb core panels

- Strength

These panels create really high shear strength when its core works as a vertical element just as it works in an I-beam and the facing as the flange work together. Also to add to that, their sturdiness grows surprisingly given that the distance between the skins is kept longer.

- Stiffness

In it manufacture, lesser material is used which ultimately reduces weight and make the product pretty stiff collectively.

- Lightweight

Their Lightness provides amazing efficiency and performance. And hence, these panels are very suitable alternatives to the monolithic materials.

- Other pros

These kinds of panels are available in variety of sizes, faces and shapes. As less amount of material is used to develop them, they are cheaper than their competitors. Durability is also par excellent, lasts quite well and does not require often maintenance. The method to install it is also easy without much efforts and time. These panels come with resistance to moisture.


Cons of Honeycomb core panels

With so many advantages, these panels come one major pitfall “Corrosion”. Apart from that, it is worth a product in its price range.

Applications of Honeycomb core panels

- Construction Products

As we now know that these panels provide a very stiff, strong, flat and stable structure, it is very reliable to be used as a backing material to glass, metal, stone and other building layers and surfaces. Hence, they are very important materials to be used for flooring, ceiling, cladding walls, doors, ramps, bulkheads, shelves, canopying and designing interiors of the elevators.

- Commercial

They offer elevation properties, resistance to impact, moisture and chemical and also reduces vibrations and noise. Thus they are very feasible and trusted components that can be used to build commercial infrastructures and high-rise buildings because of its accurate results and improved performance in doors, fixtures, platforms etc.

- Land Transportation

They are heavily used in trucks and trailers, railways, automotive, recreational, military and specialty vehicles because they consist of lightweight materials.

- Marine & Recreation

High ratio of strength to weight and durability are some of the features of Honeycomb core panels which satisfy lots of application’s demands. Marine vehicles and boat decks require both these advantages to sustain. Other than that, Sporting equipment, boat decks, hatches and partitions can also be built with quality strength.


All in all, Honeycomb core panels are the demands of today’s world. It is designed for the people who understand industrial structures well which suits their needs and are sensible enough to gauge differences between different types of core panels. With all the features and benefits it offers and a wide range of applications it can be implemented on, this kind of panel is the best in the global market currently!

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