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Decorating Ceilings with Metal Tiles



Most people just paint their ceiling white or some other neutral color. However, there are far more options available from metal ceiling manufacturers. Your ceiling can be decorated to fit the decoration of your home or business. It’s also a great way to show your personal style,especially if you would rather not decorate your walls.

What is Metal Ceiling Tiles?

Just as it appears, metal ceiling tiles are simply tiles made out of metal. However, unlike how it sounds, they are not simply for ceilings. These tiles can also be used to decorate backsplashes, kitchens, floors, and showers. They are made out of the tin, so they will work well in most environments. That means that whatever surface you want to decorate, the metal ceiling tiles will probably work. Talk to your local metal ceiling tile manufacturer about what they can do for you and how you can use them. 

How are They Made?

As mentioned previously, metal ceiling tiles are made out of the tin by metal ceiling manufacturers. This is a great option for many different spaces, because they can be wiped down and cleaned very easily, and will survive in many different environments. 

The tiles are made by cutting and stamping the pieces of tin. The tiles are cut and then stamped with a high tonnage stamping press to give interesting and impressively clear designs. These can then be painted with either powder coating or spray paint. 

How do They Work?

Metal ceilings are installed in a multi-step process. Your metal ceiling tile manufacturer will guide you as to whether you can do this yourself or you if you will need someone to install them for you. If you are going to do it yourself then they will be able to give you some tips.

Metal ceiling tiles will be nailed to your ceiling, which means that they need soft wood in order to be installed. If your ceiling is not already made out of softwood (which it likely won’t be), then you will first need to install furring strips made out of softwood. 

Once your ceiling has softwood and is suitable for the metal tiles, you are able to begin the install. This is begun by nailing them up to the ceiling. If your ceiling tiles need to be re-sized or re-shaped to fit your ceiling, then altering them is very simple. All you will need to do is cut them with straight tins snips.

When your ceiling tiles are in place you can install crown molding. This will give you more decoration and character and is an easy way to fill in the gaps at the edges of the tiles.


Metal ceiling tiles are a brilliant choice for many reasons. One of these reasons is that they are very durable. As has been mentioned, they are made of tin so they are easy to clean and can survive in many environments. They are a great choice for decorating outside in most cases, but make sure that you talk to your metal ceiling manufacturers to make sure that your ideas are viable.


Another great reason to choose these tiles is for their style. If you just want them for their durability, then you can just get plain tiles, but if you want them to add a sense of uniqueness to your home then there are many different options.

There are hundreds of different designs that can be used to stamp your ceiling tiles. If you talk to metal ceiling manufacturers then you will be able to get a sense of the possibilities. Because there are so many different options you are bound to find something that you love and that will fit your house perfectly. 


Just like the large array of design options, there are a lot of different options for metal ceiling tile colors. They don’t even have to be colored. If you prefer a more rustic metal look then you can get your metal ceiling tiles uncolored. 

If you really want your tiles to make a statement, then you can have them made in all sorts of bright and vibrant colors.

If you prefer a more understated look then you can get your metal ceiling tiles colored with more neutral tones. Shades of brown, white, and gray will all be available to you. Just have a chat to a metal ceiling tile manufacturer to see what options are available. 

For a very unique and interesting look, you could even go with metallic colors. This really suits the tiles and will add a wow factor to any room.

If all of these different options aren’t enough for you, you can even choose to decorate them in two different colors. Choosing two metal ceiling tile colors that complement each other is a great way to add even more style and flair to your home.


As mentioned early, these tiles are not only good for ceilings but have many other options too. Some of these include;

•Showers. Showers are rarely designed in any interesting way. Using metal ceiling tiles for your shower is a great way to add a bit of uniqueness and style to your bathroom. As they are so durable, they will definitely hold up against the heat and water of your shower.

•Floors. Once again, people rarely decorate their floors. They are either covered in neutral carpet, or plain colored tile or vinyl. Instead, you could try decorating them with metal ceiling tiles. These will hold up better to foot traffic than traditional floor coverings

•Kitchens. These tiles are also brilliant for kitchens because they are so easy to clean.

•Back Splashes. If you don’t want to decorate your whole kitchen with the tiles, then you could just use them for your backsplash. Using metal ceiling tile colors on your backsplash is a great way to add a bit of color to your kitchen without decorating the whole thing.

The metal ceiling tiles colors, styles, durability, and versatility are all great reasons to install them in your home or business. Overall, the large array of options in terms of color and style are a great way to make your home truly unique. Talk to a metal ceiling tile manufacturer about how you can add them to your home.

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