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corrugated aluminum panels manufacturer for decoration Carlos

corrugated aluminum panels manufacturer for decoration Carlos

Corrugated aluminum panels manufacturer for decoration Carlos

Flat-Seam Aluminum Veneer
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Enterprise Strength
  • Carlos Metal Building Material provides comprehensive and professional services such as design solutions and technical consultations based on the actual needs of customers.
Company Advantages
1. The glaze workmanship of Carlos aluminium composite material includes overglaze decoration, in glaze decoration, and under-glaze decoration. Especially the under-glaze decoration, which directly determines the pattern quality, is processed by experienced workers.
2. The product is safe to use. It is designed with an overheat protection which guards people against the injury of burning or electric leakage.
3. The product is less likely to happen electrical shock. Featuring an intelligent circuit design, it can prevent itself against the trip under the condition of overload voltage.
4. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. has now come into the competitive phase of integrated strength after long time of rapid development in aluminium composite material field.
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Flat-Seam Aluminum Veneer
Use the gap between the two reinforced aluminum veneer to be screwed, then sealant can be completed; This is the most commonly used aluminum veneer installation form, between the aluminum veneer and aluminum veneer line, To flatten a more mobile style, the use of a variety of different colors of glue to form a different color lines, and aluminum veneer can be reconciled, contrast, due to the atmosphere of the scene.

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1、Explanation on the  installation node of the product.

2、Explanation on the  installation process explained of the product.

3、Explanation on the after-sales problem of the product.

4、Contact us:, we will reply to you within 48 hours.

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Company Features
1. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. integrates development and manufacture in-house. We are taking the lead in the manufacturing of aluminium composite material in China market.
2. Our professional R&D team takes great responsibility for developing new technology to keep aluminum panels more competitive in this market.
3. The current goal for Carlos is to improve the customer satisfication while keeping the first-rate aluminium composite panel . Ask! In today’s global competition, Carlos's vision is to be a famous brand all over the world as a aluminum composite wall panels manufacturing. Ask! The desire of Carlos brand is to win the leading aluminum composite sheet manufacture market. Ask! Except for high quality, Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. also provides customers with professional service. Ask!
Product Description


Panel Thickness2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm is avaliable
Aluminum Skin Thicknessnormal: 0.5mm,0.4mm,0.3mm,0.21mm,0.18mm,0.15mm,
0.04mm, 0.06mm, 0.08mm, 0.10mm is available
Widthstandard: 1220mm, 1250mm
1300mm,1500mm,1550mm,1570mm,1700mm, 2000mm, 2200mm(Maximum)
Length2440mm(regular),as customer’s request,6000mm(Maximum)
Standard size1220(Width)x2440(Length)x3mm(Thickness);
Surface aluminum alloy(3003/1100) coated with PVDF or PE roasting paint



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Product arrived in good condition. I didn't read any of the reviews until after I got the net. The holes at the bottom are slightly larger that the sides for some reason, but still small enough to hold an 8" rainbow. The handle seems fine, but the ring around the net is not solid. It does flex to the point where you hear it, but it feels fine with a Rainbow or a small bass. Size of the ring is OK, the net could be deeper. For the price it is a fine net. If you think you are going to be spending a lot of time fishing in the future, think of equipment as an investment, save up for the best. This is not the best. But if you are a beginner, or not sure if you will even like fishing it's perfect. Also it is good as a spare, or if you only get on the river a couple times a year and just want to upgrade from that old aluminum thing with green plastic net.
These rods are an Incredible value, and would be at even 2-3 times the price. Great action, impressive attention to detail, nice balance and very good looking too! Moonshine certainly knows how to build top-of-the line rods (in the USA) that are without a doubt as good as - or even better than - other well-known and equally respectable fly rod brands. I can speak from experience that they provide some of the BEST SERVICE you will ever experience. Their service is not corporate and stiff, it's personal and tailored to your needs. You will be very happy when you have a Moonshine Rod (or three).
If you are going to hang some hardie board, GET THIS NOW! If you can true up your first board, this is great for a one person siding job. I had wondered before I ordered if it would be worth the money. No more wondering, it is handier than sliced bread. Easy to use and you don't need to put your wife out on a ladder. It is super for keeping the correct spacing and leveling is a snap. Cuts your install time by at least 75% if you are doing it by yourself.
I first heard about the Gecko Gauges when i was researching on DIY a siding project. These became my best friends when i replaced the siding on my 1800 sq ft house. It was like having a second person leveling and holding the siding for me. You can't beat the price anywhere. I went to home depot and lowes and neither carried this item. These Gecko Gauges are so simple to use and they're accurate! I double checked with my normal level several times during the project and the Gecko's were always spot on! It's one of my favorite tools! Great must have tool when doing siding. And again, a lot of tool for a little price.
As described, very sharp, plenty of different size knifes to choose, carrying case a little crappy but for the money you cant beat this ! This a must buy when you need it
Good set for the price. The case is really cheaply made though. It doesn't clip closed, and the glue that is supposed to hold the magnetic strip in the lid let go the first day.
pretty cheap and the magnet strip broke off but meh, it gave me free shipping when i needed it long ago. would free shipping qualify purchase again
Fast Shipping - case seems to be a little cheap, but for the price - No complaints
Perfect great price.
Not a uber high quality but for the price it fits the bill. Blades are sharp, one of the handles doesn't hold the blades very well but the other two work fine.
the 16 piece knife set is very cheap and it is made of great material, except the box that looks cheap and I couldn't close easily.
Great knives, they are working great so far. Just what i needed.
Works great
I got this product only because I needed a case to hold my X-actos and i could use a few more blades. I was VERY disappointed with the case. It does not snap shut at all so I resorted to putting a rubber band around it to keep it shut. Besides that, the knives aren't half bad. I'm not a fan of the blades that come with them, but once I switched them out I was pretty satisfied.
Plan to use it in dividing African violets, so I wanted something with a case that could be stored with my plant supplies. This was a great option, with a variety of blade sizes for lots of uses. Good deal.
This is a good hobby knife kit. The only problem is the magnet that the blades stick to was loose when I opened it. I glued it back in place, so be wary when you open it, just be careful in case the magnet has come unglued.
Good quality!
Great product. Used for camping.
Great product!
If you need an affordable bean bag toss that is easy to put together, purchase from them! They are quick and have the best customer service. I will purchase again soon :)
Great for outside use but inside you must put something underneath or it will scratch your floors
Love this kit, high quality and great price.
beautiful poll and reel works very good and the price was awesome
Even if you have a brand you like, you’ll be happy about this rod and case. The case alone is exciting considering how packable it is, how you can see into the compartment through the solid feeling and not cheap plastic. For a rod on a budget the case alone is worth the cost! Then you pull the rod out, put it together and feel it’s balance.. everything there but the fly. They matched all the pieces together very well. If you’re a starter this is perfect - learning with good equipment makes a difference, learning on super expensive super elite equipment makes you nervous- this is “oh no I didn’t realize how long these are and jammed the tip into the cement hope it’s not broke but if it is I’m not out a ton of money economic. If you’re an expert this is perfect because it’s handy to always have a spare GOOD fly rod set up to lend if you get a partner by accident or if something happens and you’re finding yourself without your best rod (maybe a wolf steals it straight from camp one night??) The line is good quality also. I felt that feeling of “where’s some water” while holding it. It casts well and feeds out smooth.
Like the older design better, but it works
Love it, does help with dust if you use the correct sand paper for it
Everything about this table is awesome! It really is. In addition to being very quick and easy to set-up, there are plenty of hooks for utensils and even one for paper towels. It's also spacious and lightweight--just as advertised. The problem? While the table top (see center table) may be aluminum, the side shelves are made of FIBERBOARD! It didn't take long before those shelves began warping from getting wet. Nowhere in the product description was this addressed. I was very upset! So, if you like what you see and still want to purchase it, be sure to use it when the weather is dry and give it a thorough wipe down if it gets wet. Whether home or on the road, if you don't want to deal with setting it up each and every time you want to use it, be sure to purchase a large grill cover to keep the shelves dry when not in use.
Work really well for installing siding, however I don't like the plastic design, I thought for the money they were aluminum. After doing my entire home, the started to slip, so I would not recommend for contractors.
These gauges are the best. Just completed installing Hardieplank on a 10:12 roof by myself. The gauges fit and clamp securely, and hang from my tool belt when not in use. The only nitpick I have is with the acorn nuts used on the gauge set screw. They have to be really tight or they will come loose. I ended up installing aircraft grade nylon insert lock nuts in place of the acorn nuts. Perfect now.
I bought these gecko guages for my husband who is a contractor and has done miles of siding in the past. He was saying that they usually create jigs by hand before each job for that application they are working on. But that still requires two people to install. One person holding a jig on the left, one person holding a jig on the right, and then if there is not a third person one of them has to keep the reveal as they juggle the nailer to secure the piece. This product cut the install time in half. The good thing about the gecko's is they clamp on in place and allows an individual installer to clamp one on the left, one on the right, and for the single worker to drop the up to a 12' piece into the designated grooves and they hold it for you while you can double check the piece and easily nail it off. It worked out good because the second person wasn't needed for the install. Instead he turned into the cut man and cutting and installing was able to happen simultaneously. The first two courses have to be done in a traditional method. But after you get that second piece on then the gecko's allow you to move quickly up to the top. The geckos look like they are powder coated metal in green. When we got them they were green plastic. At first we were a little turned off until we started using them. Then we agreed that metal would probably be way too heavy and this plastic is pretty thick and durable and performed the function they said they would. For installing siding these gecko's are like having an additional worker that you don"t have to pay an hourly wage for. Several hours on our job paid for themselves.
Used these in siding a complete house with hardi-plank boards. Set the adjustable reveal and don't touch from then on. Since these slip under the previous installed board, the reveal will be correct regardless of the actual width of the hardiplank. These gauges are well constructed and allow an individual to completely side a house without any help. They are rugged enough and grip well enough to hold a 12 ft. hardiplank board on the house so you can nail with a nailer. Everyone needs these...
I miss an important detail -- does not work with the 12" siding. Disappointing but is stated in the listing.
I can't imagine trying to put up heavy cement siding without a pair of these. I was able to accurately position boards singled handedly, and although the labeling only claimed 1/4" adjustment increments the pair I received could be adjusted in 1/8" steps due to the offset drilling of the 3 pairs of holes in the inner carriage (can't see this from the pic). Gripped the 8 1/4" textured boards I was using really well. Some reviews noted boards slipping down behind the rest lip. I didn't have this problem with a 7" reveal and the lock lever in 3/4 position which gave plenty of grip (versus all the way up). Probably more of a potential issue with wider boards at max reveal. The green parts are plastic, but sturdy, and are holding up well so far.
If you are installing concrete siding these are a must! Makes hanging and handling the siding so much easier.
I used these to side a whole front of a buddy's house with James Hardie Plank and it turned out great. Recommended to anyone who knows how to work siding and a constant spacing and reveal consistency. My only regret is that I didn't buy the billet aluminum version. These puppies do work!!!
These guages are great. used them to run Hardie siding on a 1500+ sq ft shop/garage. They allowed me to do a lot of the work on my own. I hired a carpenter with experience installing Hardie siding to help with some of it. He'd never used the guages before, but after working with them for a day he said that he'd never install Hardie without them again. These are well built (made of solid aluminum) and durable. You'd really have to try to break one. Definitely worth the money.
Excellent tool, but I wish they were made out of metal. One of the plastic ones broke when we dropped it hanging siding over concrete. Not sure how they wold last with daily use, I would say plan on buying a new set for each job. Not one of those tools where you would say "I've had this for twenty years since back when I started..."
Could not imagine doing by fiber cement siding without these. Works great, i usually add some metal flashing shims to tighten the grip up a little.
Great tools allowed me to do most of the siding by myself! Only flaw is they can come loose if yiu bump them a bit too hard and you cannot slide a full piece (16') right or left in them or you will not it off.
Sure enough, works as described. If you're doing siding by yourself, this goes a long way to simplify an installation.
Wish I had found these before I had struggled with the front side of the house. With these brackets I did 3 sides of the house in the time it took to do one without them using my old methods.. Only drawback I could see is that they are limited in the size of boards they can do, but then I never expect to be using that big of board so it is a mute problem for me. Highly recommend if you are doing plank siding, would probably work well if you were doing shake siding also though it may slow that process down a bit..
Do NOT put up fiber cement siding without these, even if you have plenty help! If I had my choice of correctly placing the siding planks with either these or with the help of two other people,,,, I would choose these every time. They work that well. Just be sure you get the proper version for the siding thickness. These worked great with 5/16".
We are siding our house in Hardi Board and my husband had me order these. The is in heaven as these units make the job so fast and accurate. Money very well spent as it is also a major time saver. One set will hold up to a 12' board. Great invention - kudos to the brains behind this handy item. If you are installing Hardi Board you'd be remiss in not getting these!
great tool when you are working by yourself it helps keep the siding straight love them
These things are a life saver! We are using them on LP smart siding and they allow one person to do the work of two!
they did not work so well at first they would not clamp tight the siding would fall down in between the sheet and the gauge. But after using them it seems all they need was to get broken in because they sure work great now. We found it really easy to install the hardi board buy you self. I will order another set soon.
In order to use these with 3/8" cement board siding we had to add a piece of cardboard otherwise they would not hold. They are designed apparently only for 7/16" LP Smart Siding. If a thickness adjustment could be added, these would be absolutely perfect and have broader applications.
When using the gauge just make sure they are not tilted to right or left do not drop the siding into the slot of the gauge.Just hung 20 squares of siding with 2 people me being 1 of them.
Having these makes putting up siding easy, even doing it alone. Even if you have a full crew these save all the layout time. Get a pair of these and a diablo hardie plank blade for your combi miter saw and you will be blown away at how fast and clean the walls go up. I've done siding with and without these, and there is no going back, seriously.
I would not consider installing siding without these in the future. Easy to use. Scrape the surface a little so be prepared with touchup paint. At times it seemed the reveal on one was ever so slightly shorter so I was constantly having to check for level. Add a shim and Bob's your uncle.
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