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Chengdu Metro Station

Material type: aluminum veneer-punching board, art carved board

Factory volume: 3,000 square meters

Material and thickness: 3003 3.0mm

Surface treatment: fluorocarbon spraying-three coating

Introduction to some cases:

Chengdu is a national historical and cultural city and the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization. Each building has its own characteristics and is full of rich customs. The interior decoration of the Chengdu subway project mostly uses aluminum veneer and ceiling, and the surface is treated with gradual color. This is also the place where this project most tests its strength.

The hollow ceiling amplifies the entire underground space, which reduces a lot of airtightness and has a very strong light transmission. In addition, the hollow ceiling can also digest noisy sounds, allowing people to lose their freedom in a hurry.

From design to development to assembly and splicing of arc-shaped columns, our company performed demonstrations in the workshop, discussing gaps, flatness, color, and installation methods. The last installation was successful; arc-shaped columns are like open arms, giving people Kind of security.

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