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Changbai Mountains Airport

Changbai Mountains Airport

Business scope: Domestic transportation hub

Location: Chixi District, Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone, Jilin Province

Changbai Mountains Airport is a domestic feeder airport mainly for tourism purpose. Relied on the tourism resources of Changbai Mountain, it becomes the first forest tourism airport in China. The construction of the flight area of Changbai  Mountains International Airport expansion project (Section1) launched in October 2018. Carlos actively communicated with Hebei Construction Group. Ltd. (the infrastructure contractor), to understand the needs of Section1. Considering the unique climate, our design team adopted the V-shaped roof design. A triangular skylight is incorporated into the ceiling. The aluminum panels are uniquely painted with silver and red as the main colors. The design plan was finally adopted by the infrastructure contractor.

Carlos adheres to the philosophy of “The detail decides success or failure.” and focuses on meeting customer needs. Carlos believes that good architectural design can convey our belief and value and demonstrate our rich connotation while maintaining our personality.



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