Carlos devotes himself to the development and production of space ceilings, emphasizing the customer's decoration requirements for the products, and creating products that include professionalism, quality, and decorative functions and styles to meet different occasions.

How to choose the right ceiling?

Baffle ceiling series

          Baffle ceiling is very directional, with clear lines and a strong three-dimensional effect. The suspension height can be changed.

Grille ceiling series

         The grille ceiling has a simple appearance and is easy to assemble and disassemble. It has good ventilation and can be installed in ceilings, air conditioners, etc. Of course, it can also be used locally.

Blade ceiling series

         Blade ceiling is very spacious, with fireproof, moisture-proof and sound-absorbing functions. The double-sided can be designed with different colors, and the visual height of the house can be adjusted to achieve the effect of the curtain.

Buckle ceiling series

        This is a very linear ceiling. The width and length can be adjusted. Various patterns can be punched, and fireproof sound absorbing paper can be added on the back. Of course, it can only be 6M long.

Square ceiling series

           This is the ceiling we sold the most. Square ceilings are available in almost all interiors. It is light and easy to install, with fire-resistant sound-absorbing paper on the back and a lot of styles.

Metal netting ceiling

Believe us, metal netting ceiling is not suitable for being in a small place. It has a very broad perspective effect, suitable for use in large buildings, such as railway stations, airports and so on.

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