Ceiling panel

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Ceiling panel

Since established, Carlos has been devoted to the development and production of ceiling panels. We also emphasize customers’ requirements on products’ decorative effect and endeavor to create products that embody professionalism. Our products have the performance of high quality, decorative functions, and styles to meet different needs.

We focus on customers’ needs and ensure that special size, surface color, installation package can all be customized. By adopting aluminum alloy plate or perforated plate, we make the good use of the electrostatic powder coating technology to achieve an open design. The product, therefore, is characterized by fire prevention, moisture-proof, and sound absorption. If possible, lighting design can be added to the product, and this kind of assembly can help display a more graceful decorative effect. With the installation method of directly plugging the product inside, it can facilitate the maintenance of the roof. The product, using high-quality materials, is easy to assemble, easy to clean, and easy to maintain, which can provide convenience and help save a lot of labor. Its design structure, colors, functions, and other aspects perfectly convey the innovative ideas of Carlos’ designers. Its flat and clean appearance also fully reflect the modernism and fashion of the buildings.

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