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Carlos seamless aluminum wall panels customized for roof

Carlos seamless aluminum wall panels customized for roof

Carlos seamless aluminum wall panels customized for roof

Square seamless package column
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According to the processing drawings and specific requirements
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Prepaid 50% deposit, cleared balance payment after the goods are finished.
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1. The quality of Carlos aluminum composite panel price is ensured. It has passed strict electrical tests and visual inspections by both the authority and our appointed agent. The products made by Carlos are of great maintaince
2. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. constantly improves itself in customer service. Specialized size and color can be customized
3. The product has withstood the tests of our professional QC team as well as the authoritative third party. A list of certifications like SGS can guarantee the quality of our products
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Carlos seamless aluminum wall panels customized for roof-1

Square seamless package column
The use of square seamless pillars provides an overall concise visual space for large decorative spaces; especially in the vagaries of architectural design, flattening has become another visual buffer, often giving ordinary surprises and enjoy!

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Company Features
1. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous company that deals with aluminum wall panels .
2. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. has further improved our technological research system to reallocate and leverage the innovation resources.
3. aluminum composite panel price has long been a business tenet of Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd.. Please contact us!
Nice tight fit, easy install, way cheaper than other options, good quality
Excellent. Fit perfect looks great.
Look great! Great Quality. Fits perfect on 2016 RZR 900 EPS 4 seater
Very happy with purchase
Easy install. Works pretty good. Seals even better when paired with some upper door bags
Easy install, no rattle , fits my 2019 RZR 4XP
They need a bit of modifying to work on the ride command edition
Great kit very happy. The stripping may need a little super glue in spots but great buy for the price.
Perfect fit with no issues, love the appearance.
They fit great and look great. Very easy to install. It took about 30 minutes.
The glue is VERY STRONG so once you put it on adjusting it if VERY difficult to almost impossible. I'm sorry I chose this pattern.
This book does have some good ideas in it.
Good bat
great bat for my 8 year old.
Wanted new bat that meat new regulations! This is a nice one
The baseball bat looks nice, but after the second day used got a light twisted, between the bat handle and barrel.
I purchased this bat in the beginning of the year and it's still being used (spring and fall leagues), actually my son prefers it over the "Rawlings 2018 5150 USA" bat. My son (11 years old) has tried many different bats used by his teammates and this bat is still preferred. I'm not of fan of the USA standard bats, but this one is a decent bat, especially for the price, this bat holds its own against the pricier bats.
We got this bat and another for the spring Little League season. All the kids want to use this bat. They love the graphics, and it has withstood the season thus far. I'm going to buy one for my sons personal use after the season is over so he can work on his hitting over the summer & prepare for fall ball!
Really can reveiw yet, its a Christmas present.
A. it is a USA bat,. you can use it in any league up to middle school/high school.. asteric mark There are basically 4 ratings for bats. Wood- good ole fashioned lumber. Slowest and least pop. BBCOR- these are all drop 3 (-3) bats and are used in high school and above .many middle schools require these as well USA Bats- used in Little League®, Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken, PONY, Dixie leuges up to about 13 years old. after that it depends. Most swap to BBCor batsat 13 yrs and older. USSSA bats.. which are used in travel leagues. They have way more pop than BBCOR or USA bats. This is why they can not be used in rec ball, little league, pony league...etc. They have been deemed too dangerous for younger aged kids. You can use BBcor and USA bats in travel leagues but the coaches usually frown upon it.. some will out right forbid it. They want hits not safety. This is a drop 8 USA bat l. What is drop weight? what does drop 3 and drop 8 mean? To put is simply, it is the weight of the bat. The higher the drop weight the lighter the bat will be. So a drop 10 bat will be 2 ounces lighter than the same exact drop 8 bat. Those 2 ounce make a big differnce in the swing speed. Most kids under 11 swing drop 10-12 bats. i bought for my 10U son this drop 8 because our middle school requires bbcor bats which again, are all drop 3. His previous bat was a drop 10. Naturally his swing speed has dropped tremendously. Come spring i imagine he will hit a lot less doubles than he use to, but im ok with that. His body will need to get stronger and adjust. By 6th grade i will have him in a drop 3 or drop 5 depending on his size.. I did not understand drop weights when my oldest son tried out for the middle school team. I only looked at the length of the bat, never cared about drop weight. He started tryouts with a drop 9 bat and soon as he went to a drop 3 his swing went to garbage. His fielding and baseball IQ were enough to get him on the team but he only saw the field twice. Coach couldn't afford to keep a guy in the rotation just for defense. Back to this bat.. drop 8 was perfect for my son. It is 1 piece, all metal so it is hot right outta the box and needs no break in period. It should also hold up pretty well. It is a the low end of Rawling's price range which means they cant use fancy materials to increase the sweet spot. As such, it has a relatively small sweet spot and feels a bit end loaded. At this price , i just cant complain about buying a rawlings bat. It is exactly what i needed and works like i expected. The seller got it to me in jut a couple days. The bat arrived in perfect, brand new shape. If your kid is small, or you want more hits..get a drop 10/11. IF you want a good one and can fork out a bit more dough, the Rawings Velo and Louisville Slugger solo 618 are 2 of the most balanced bats on the market. My kid swung these at some local bat days and loved them, but i wasn't willing to fork out the money on a bat i plan to only use for 1 season.
This is a good entry-level bat, but I will caution using it for any player over 11 years old. My son is 12 (and not a terribly hard swinger) and after just a few games, the bat was bent and declared ineligible for play. In retrospect, we probably should have opted for a more middle-of-the-line bat for him. When I called Rawlings, they were FANTASTIC, providing a significant upgrade to a more appropriate bat at no charge. While one could argue that the bat should hold up for a 12-year-old swing, I am very pleased with Rawlings as a company and can recommend on that basis alone.
Can't fault the bat for the new standards requirements. It is nice to have larger barrel, but the new standards make it hard to find one really appropriate for a smaller player that has a high drop for a good price.
Great bat!!!
Love these! Keeps water and mud out, and the RZR looks way better!
The panels fit very well, had to adjust 1 of the four doors for closing reasons. Simple installation
Fit great!
Fit good! Just a little gap at the bottom of the doors
Very good
Looks great. Easy to put on.
Great product!
Good product
Excellent resource for Mechanical and Civil engineers. Covers advanced topics such as plasticity, composite materials and eccentric loading.
I guess I can see some criticism from a mechanical enineers point of view for lack of fatigue failure analysis. But this book is mainly written for the beginning undergraduate for stress and strain analyis. It is by far one of the handiest and most well written books on the subject that I have come across. If you want fatigue life buy a Shigley book. If you want the basic understanding, Timoshenko is wonderful.
The door panels fit well. There are some gaps between the doors and the door panels. The supplied bolts would have been better if they had button head bolts instead of hex heads to rub on peoples elbows. The exposed edges are rolled which helps to strengthen the metal panels. Unfortunately the rolled edges also have some sharp and uneven edges and corners. The driver door panel had an outside corner that flared out. Several of the places between the rolled sections had very sharp edges. It was just a matter of time before something or someone would have got cut on a few of the edges. I ended up smoothing out the sharp edges with a file and spraying the door panels with Raptor Liner (also sold on Amazon). The factory paint seemed to be decent quality but the look of the bed liner on the panels makes them look great. For the money these panels will keep most of the mud off of the riders. Hopefully the set we got had just slipped through the cracks and isn't indicative of the quality of all of these door panels.
These are installed on a 2018 RZR XP 4 1000. I purchased these after being very satisfied with UTVGiant roofs on this and a previous RZR. These door inserts are not so great. After several attempts at adjusting the doors, I had to leave off the weather stripping to get the doors to shut. In the end, for the price they’ll block the mud until I can afford something better. On my previous RZR, I had Kimplex door inserts which were a much better design. I wish they made them for the XP 4.
Great quality from UTV Giant as always. Only thing that is lacking is the directions. I have the roof, front and rear windshield, nerf bars, and arm rest mount all from UTV giant. Good quality rubber tubing is supplied with the doors as well, but I promise (unless you glue it), that it will get loose and fall off eventually.
They are a good quality product, especially for the price. We have a 2018 rzr 4 with ride command so it has the speakers built into all 4 doors which made it so we had to do some custom holes and fitting. Other than that they are worth the money????????
For the price these things are worth it. It was a tight fit getting the bolts to line up but we made it work. The rubber comes off pretty easy at the bends but I’m planning on throwing down some super glue and hopefully it’ll hold. Definitely take that rubber edge all the way up to the screw before cutting it to help keep it on there they give you plenty extra
Obviously if you've been pricing doors you know how ridiculously priced pro armor and other brands may be. That being said, for the price of these doors you cant beat them for serving their purpose. Mine took a little adjusting and bending to fit and to make rattle free. But after that they are great and do the job!! I recommend trying these if you're not looking to spend a fortune.
Excellent quality, and more affordable than half the other junk out there. These are the real deal.
$150 for 4 lower door panels seems to good to be true but I was pleasantly surprised. However the product was not packaged well.
They work great, but the rubber lining keeps coming off.
Finish is great. The fit is pretty good. There is plenty of adjustments on the door and latch striker to adjust where needed for a good fit. I had to slightly bend a couple of the panels to get a tighter fit. Easy how to instructions. Took me less than 1 hour to install.
For the price it's a great addition.. The clamps for the doors to bolt into did not match the bolts provided.. Other than that slight adjustments and it fit great..
Great fit. Looks good.
They make the look of the RZR better but after installing it has made the doors harder to close. You have to slam the doors to make sure they lock. Hope they redesign these.
Very happy with the lower door panels. Perfect fit on my 2018 XP4 Turbo. Polaris wants $850 for the same lowers. I saved so much money I can but a set of tires! Thank you!
Super easy to install! Bolted right up to my 2019 RZR turbo 4 seater.
Decent product, fairly simple to install, but my four door kit was missing hardware, more like I was sent hardware for a 2 door model and there was no padding to help avoid the rattle of the metal
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