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Carlos Brand raw processing aluminum aluminium manufacturing process

Carlos Brand raw processing aluminum aluminium manufacturing process

Company Advantages
1. The aluminium manufacturing process facility can aluminium production and you can specify aluminum products.Our products have all passed the certification of ISO 9001 and environmental system of ISO 14001
2. It is of great importance for Carlos to provide exquisite customer service. Our products enjoy 2-year warranty and 5-year durability
3. Being qualified with aluminum manufacturing process enables Carlos to win more trust from more customers. Our different aluminum panels can meet different requirements of our customers
4. Some advantages of the aluminium production process lie in aluminium raw material. A variety of patterns and models provide more choices to customers

Aluminum plate custom processing

Carlos offers a one-stop shop for aluminum sheet processing. Only you need to provide drawings and related information, we will solve the problem.


    Carlos' machining accuracy is within 0.1mm. To meet different customer requirements for product。

    CNC  machining can produce a variety of products: Aluminum veneer processing,  Hollow aluminum plate, Carved aluminum plate, Signature aluminum plate,  etc.


Product display


Aluminum veneer processing

Chassis product


Hollow aluminum plate

Aluminum facades


Carved aluminum plate



Signature aluminum plate

Advertising signboard


      In the construction project, the aluminum plate needs to be bent to achieve the desired effect.

      The bending is divided into right angle bending and curved surface bending.

Right angle bending

Right angle bends can be used in a wide range of applications, such as building curtain walls and ceilings. The size of the bend is very precise.


Curved surface bending

Curved surface bending surfaces is more solid



Bending video

          This video is the process of producing aluminum facades. This is one of the unit products.

Welding and Polishing

When the product needs to be spliced, it needs to be welded and polished.

                                                           Scope of application: special-shaped aluminum plate and accessories welding


After welding


After polishing

Company Features
1. There are many successful cooperation cases with Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. for our aluminium manufacturing process. - aluminum manufacturing process is developed using latest technology support for aluminium production.
2. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. invests a lot in technology of aluminium production process.
3. Carlos has made some breakthroughs in improving quality of the Aluminum processing. - Relentless pursuit of quality excellence is significant to Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd.. Inquiry!
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