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Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction

Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction

Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction

Honeycomb panels
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According to the processing drawings and specific requirements
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Prepaid 50% deposit, cleared balance payment after the goods are finished.
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Company Advantages
1. Carlos aluminum honeycomb panels price has gone through some important production stages. They cover the preparation of raw materials, parts machining, plating and anodizing, assembly, and testing. A variety of patterns and models provide more choices to customers
2. The product is highly acknowledged by customers in the industry. All the materials are well selected with high quality
3. The product is safe enough. All its electrical components comply with relevant standards of EN or IEC, which means that the dangers of electric leakage are totally eliminated. Our company can provide the whole process including design, research and development,manufacturing and sales
4. The product is able to negotiate the space. It has the ability to single-handedly transform a large area into multiple smaller spaces with minimal effort within a few moments. Our products are sold with competitive price with discount
5. It has the advantage of color fastness to washing. Before production, the fibers will be pre-washed under clean water to check its fastness and re-washed under specific chemical liquid at a certain temperature. Our products have all passed the certification of ISO 9001 and environmental system of ISO 14001
/  Product Introduction
Aluminum Honeycomb plate structure

Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-1

Aluminum Honeycomb plate structure
Aluminum honeycomb panels using composite honeycomb structure, hot-pressed composite molding from the front and back panels of the box-shaped preforms with aluminum  honeycomb core . Selection of high-quality 3003H24 aluminum alloy 5052AH14 of high manganese alloy aluminum as base material; panel thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.5mm fluorocarbon roll coating board, floor thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.0mm;core material using aluminum hexagonal 3003 aluminum honeycomb core material, thickness of the aluminum foil 0.04 ~ 0.06 mm, side length of 5 ~ 6mm.

Aluminum honeycomb surface coating

Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-2
Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-3

Aluminum honeycomb surface coating
Pre-roll coating:Curtain wall aluminum honeycomb panel surface coating is a one-time completion of the pre-coated fluorocarbon polymer coatings, aluminum panels can effectively control the surface paint color and flatness, the successful elimination of the traditional spray process particles rough problems, uniform color and delicate, soft and beautiful. The main component of fluorocarbon polymer coating contains not less than 70% of Kynar S00 or Hylar 5000 fluorocarbon resin, which is the most stable durable molecular structure with the combination of paint and gas-carbon coating products, it can resist ultraviolet rays in the sun, industrial waste gas, acid rain and chemical erosion for a long time, keep the color stable and smooth for a long time,not cracked, not powder and so on.

Honeycomb board details and installation drawings

Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-4 Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-5

Aluminum honeycomb board opposite ceiling

Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-6

Aluminum honeycomb board opposite ceiling
Heterosexual ceiling products do not use the standard molding die, the product does not have the standard shape and size. Heterosexual ceiling through the use of shears, bending machines, arc bending machines and other equipment to the processing of the panel into the curved plate, nook, trapezoidal plate and other shapes of products. Non-standard board ceiling system break the conventional standard ceiling modeling concept, unique design innovation, modeling imaginative, to meet the special needs of the construction site design needs. Regardless of where it is applied, the simple, atmospheric block, the changing shapes, colorful colors and shimmering texture bring every designer and owner the ideal pride and style of architecture Features. Profiled board ceiling system is specially customized according to customer needs, shaped products, used in some areas of design and function of the special needs of the building.

/  Application Notes

Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-7
Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-8
Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-9

Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-10
Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-11
Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-12

Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-13
Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-14
Carlos box-shaped aluminum honeycomb board customized for construction-15
/  Technical Support

1、Explanation on the  installation node of the product.

2、Explanation on the  installation process explained of the product.

3、Explanation on the after-sales problem of the product.

4、Contact us:, we will reply to you within 48 hours.

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Company Features
1. High investment into aluminum honeycomb panels price and introducing aluminum honeycomb panel suppliers improves the high quality of aluminum honeycomb board.
2. Our goal is win-win cooperation. We would like to help our clients succeed. We continuously innovate new products, ensuring our customers benefit from the latest technological development in materials and application.
The Travelpro has gone on three trips with me in 1 week - from S.F. to NYC, from NYC to Paris - both flights of course and from Paris to Bordeaux by train. I was able to pack a lot and everything was in relatively good shape when I arrived. This travel pro is much lighter than the smaller one I have been using for the past 15 years. But, like it, and unlike most other contemporary piece of luggage, the wheels only go one way so you have to pull it by the two back wheels while it leans against your arm. So, because it holds more, it is heavier and therefore harder work to roll it. But, it made it through 4 airports and two train stations so far and looks fine.
Roomy and lightweight, as promoted. The 2 wheeler version of this suitcase should be less prone to damage to the wheels than one would risk with a 4-wheeler which swivels. The materials and the basic construction seem less durable and sound and than used to be found in Travelpro products, but the trade off is the lighter weight of the suitcase. Overall a reasonable choice for the price.
I've used this suitcase for a couple of trips now, including one to several European cities. It is a quality product, but also very light for the size. The lightweight construction does imply some reduction in strength and robustness, so don't expect this case to withstand serious abuse like a heavy one would. If you're not looking for light weight, don't buy this one. These days in the USA almost all suitcases are of the four-wheel "spinner" type which I personally really dislike. The wheels end up being very small which leads to them becoming snagged on curbs, sidewalk cracks etc. Also the bearings are horribly poor quality in such small wheels. This suitcase has the older design with a single set of quite large wheels which I much prefer. Hopefully they keep making it. I noticed in Europe that almost nobody has the spinner cases (except US tourists). The one downside with this case vs other light weight duffle type designs is that it is quite wide. Obviously if it were not so wide it would need to be either deeper (hence less stable), or higher (harder to fit into train luggage racks). I did find that it was tricky to pull through crowded areas as a result of being rather wide.
I have owned this luggage now since November. I bought it for a trip to Thailand. Over 3 weeks and 3 countries, and 10 flights, this luggage held up fabulously! My friend then borrowed it for her 2 week trip with similar itinerary and then I just took it to London for 10 days. Except for a few black marks from handlers, it is in PERFECT shape! I cannot believe the quality for the price and most especially for the weight. It weighs much less than my carryon, yet is 50% larger. I cannot find one thing I dislike about it. The handles are perfect still, and the wheels work perfect. I am a VERY happy customer, and my next purchase will be the lightweight Travelpro carryon. You will not be disappointed in this bag. My friends can't believe how little I paid for this as they look at their overpriced luggage.
Pros: it's light and I could get so much stuff in it ( I use packing cubes, check them out) that I can't imagine ever needing a larger one. It rolls very smoothly. Two position handle is great. Plus handles on 3 sides. And the lifetime warranty (although I've read doing warranty claims can be a pain). Negatives: I'm considering a return. The first trip I had 45 lbs in the case, below airlines heavy fee, and case of the bag deformed so much the wheels were riding on only the insides of the wheels. Concerned about the long usability.....
I am quite a fan of TravelPro luggage line; however, when I got this, one of the inside zippers did not work. I was able to open it once, but then the zipper kept getting stuck and would not close. I would still recommend this product, but I would encourage you to check all of your zippers and ensure that they work after it arrives. I sent mine back for a replacement because of the zippers, and I recommend you do the same if you have a zipper problem.
This is the Second suitcase I have bought from Amazon because it is priced so much lower at Amazon then from other vendors. The beauty of this particular travel pro model is that it is exceptionally light. I am an old-fashioned traveler and used, this for a three day trip back east. I like to have plenty of change of clothes. This size was perfect for my weekend away. TravelPro suitcases are extremely well made and because they are light you can pack the maximum amount of clothing and gifts etc. and not worry so much about the weight of your luggage. It always surprises me when I see negative reviews about TravelPro products as I have used them for many years and never had a problem with any of them. This particular suitcase is a very attractive blue and another feature that is good about travel pro products is the particular colors that their range of suitcases are usually slightly different than other travel bags so they are very easy to identify on the suitcase conveyor belt. Suitcases for quite a number of years I would not consider using any other brand and also Amazon's prices lower then department stores and travel stores
Great bag for a recent cruise. Used space bags to be able to pack for 9 days but it worked. It was pretty fully packed alrhough I didn't unzip it to use the extra space (which is sort of a long triangularity shape space, narrow at top and maybe 1 1/2" at the bottom, so not very big anyway). Twice I wrestled it in and out of the overhead--and had to have help to do that. Once they gate checked it. Thus only once did it fit with room to maneuver it with wheels-to-the-wall on a large jet. Used American Airlines this trip. So if you're planning on using this bag on smaller or older planes be prepared to gate check it. And as others have noted it's a bit tippy but that's the trade off of it being so light.
Love this suitcase! Lightweight and wheels are protected from getting knocked off. It stood up to the trip to Ireland with very little wear. Roomy interior so you have to be careful not to overpack! Plus the blue color makes it much easier to spot on the baggage carousel since everyone else has black!! I liked it so much when I got back I bought the 22" bag.
I got the product really quickly which I did not expect for its size. I’d done some research and this was a great Paddle Board that was portable and quite large while also being very reasonably priced. I’ve gotten a lot of good use from it and would highly recommend it.
So far so good. It’s 12 feet long and our small family of 3 fit.
I love this suitcase. It is the perfect size. There was no problem with carry on, it fit easily into the overhead compartment of the airplane. The 4 wheels rock. I pushed this all over 3 different airports and it can really get around quite easily. I could not ask for anything more in a suitcase. Blue in color is very nice, not too bright. The size matches the description.
works great as long as you didn't drop it
I have these small crock pots that I use for heating up food for our road trips. The crock pots use 110v and 50w so I easily can run 2 or 3 run off of the inverter at the same time. It's quiet & has a long cord. I just have to remember to turn it off when not in use as my accessory port in my van is always on, so I risk running down my battery. Just something to keep in mind.
Uses very little power so I can keep it on all the time I'm off grid.
Excellent quality. 120v output not 110v ????
Works great so far, the added USB ports are a welcome addition.
I do not get any noise in my guitar amp from using this inverter.The electricity has to be really clean in a guitar amp or you would hear ground loop noise.
Yesterday when we were hiking on the snowy mountains, and took too many pictures of the kids, the camera’s battery ran out very fast due to the cold weather. Fortunately I had this in my car, it charges really fast. Also, I realized that this charges my phone a lot faster than the USB plug in my car.
I originally bought a "step" output inverter which caused my laptop PSU to make a horrible sound. This "true sine" inverted runs quiet and I also like the overload protection features, which includes warnings when your 12v input is drooping. Note however that you won't get 300W from a standard (15A) car socket, you'll max out at about 150W.
The honey bee cheese board arrived as promised, wrapped very well, and was everything I expected. The wood is beautiful and natural looking. The pewter accent is just that. It doesn't overwhelm the board. Love it!!!
When plugged in and on, you can hear a slight noise from the rectifier if you hold it up to your ear. I didn't have an oscilloscope handy so I hooked up a set of powered speakers and turned up the gain to maximum -- I get the normal hum and hiss as plugged into a wall outlet so it seems like a reasonably clean signal. The internal cooling fan only runs under load/temp which is nice. Ran a 300w heat gun without problem (until I blew the 240w fuse in my car, oops). This was purchased to run a CPAP/APAP machine, which it did all weekend without issue.
This was given for a Christmas gift for my husband. He has yet to use it but I selected this bag based on the size for carry on, wheeled, garment bag feature, versatility of the bag, lifetime warranty and reviews. To my amusement and dismay, as soon as he opened the box and removed the bag, the zipper pull fell off; not a great first impression. He was able to put it back on and it seems secure now. The only other issue I had is that the shipping box clearly said what was contained, and it was supposed to be a Christmas surprise. It happened to arrive on the only day that week I was gone and my husband was home. It would have been nice to be delivered in a plain brown cardboard box just because it was a gift. I didn't feel I could give 5 stars yet without it being used and the zipper pull falling off at first touch.
All around this is a great board with bright graphics that really stand out and set it apart from others. I've used it on flat and moving water and the balance is great. I was hesitant about the type of bag, but now that I have it I love it. It's easy and extremely light and compact. It fits easily in my mini cooper. I do dislike that it came without a paddle and the only major downside is the fin doesn't seem secure as I lost it the first time taking it out and now have to search for a replacement which has been next to impossible to find. I've used boards with a removable fin before and had no trouble at all so I was disappointed to have lost it on round 1.
I like everything about this paddle board. Good quality. Easy and fun to use.
I like this board a lot. Used it twice already, no issues. Love the price and actually like better than a name brand one I bought at a local surf shop for $200 more. I'm like 225 and is stable and works fine. I even put my toddler on front. So far so good!
We bought this to fit my husbands suit. He's 5'10" and the suit doesn't fit without some wierd foldings that would leave lines in the suit. The piece of luggage itself is well crafted, and there are many great compartments to it. Just didn't fold out long enough for his coat.
Great bag.
It is a very nice looking piece of luggage...has great compartments (but not too many of them) it!! works great...will post again as i am going to take it on 2 trips this summer
I bought one about 2 years ago and I love it. Just the right size for a few nights on the road. It rolls easily and stands up to wear and tear. Just got a 2nd one for my wife.
Have had this for a few years now and no issues... With the board... Have lost the fin once and had to re-order. Not too expensive, I think it was like $15. Couple things to note: 1: the pump. Upon receiving this package, I would take that pump hose apart and seal it with something where the hose meets the pump and where the hose meets the nozzle. I didn't do this and once you go thru all the work to pump it to 15 psi and the pump hose pops off, it's irritating. Later on I used super glue and duct tape to hold those things in place and no big issues other than some slight leaky air noises. 2: do your research on the size of the person using it! I got it as a gift for someone who is 6ft tall and like 175lbs. He loves it but it's easier for a smaller person to stand on. I, myself, am 5ft10 and 220lbs and it bows in the middle even when at maximum psi. Can't stand on it to well but it's good for riding on my butt or knees. So just remember, the smaller the better for this one. But if it's money your worried about, this gets the job done. 3 Summers now and no holes. Very durable, lightweight, not to mention this thing FLIES thru the water like nobody's business. Exclude choppy waters tho, this thing is very difficult to stand on at that point.
For me it is a great and I absolutely love it. It only takes =/< 10 minutes to inflate. Having said that, I am fairly petite (5'1 & just under 110 lbs.), it supports me without an issue, but I loaned it once to a male friend of mine who weighs at least 180 and he didn't feel it supported his weight well. He ended up buying a larger-sized Aqua Marina board, as did another friend of mine and they are both happy with theirs as well. Take home: great boards, just make sure you look at the different weight recommendations, etc. and pick the size that will work for you. There are at least 4 options, I believe.
Very durable and size is good for kids.
I set a goal for myself to improve my balance enough to be able to paddle board. I have MS and my balance is such that I tip over on dry land so knew this would be a challenge. I wanted to accomplish this by the end this summer. So my husband bought me this for my birthday mid June. I was able to use it multiple times a month and accomplished my goal by the end of august. This is super easy to inflate and so nice to be able to store when not in use. I like the backpack to transport to and from the lake. The quality is great.
everything was great
Built to last
I bought these gloves for my part time job. I wash dishes in Dawn dishwashing liquid, (very hard on hands), I have dry sensitive skin. I these gloves. They seem to hold up very well to dishwashing use. I will buy more of these, if needed, when needed. I bought 2 pair so it may be a while before I order more. Before buying these I tried store bought, those gloves didn't last.
Don’t forget to get a paddle! I just Received mine and had to order a seperate paddle because I didnt Read it write the way it was written it looked like it said paddle board paddle
Fits perfectly under aisle seat on Delta CRJ900, and CRJ 200 which are planes requiring larger carryons to be "pink tagged." Rolls great. Opens wide once Velcro released. Lightweight. Three days clothes easily fits. Highly recommend.
Good size for two or even three night trip. Would give this 5 stars except handle extension should be another 1inch taller. Note I'm 6'2" so judge that for yourself
Love it. Well maded with quality materials. Easy to navigate and fits under seat so no need to liftxa0to store overhead. The only con is rolling down the aisle on the smaller planes.
This is a nice looking, well constructed travel tote. Fits well in overhead bins of planes, including some of the smaller domestic flights. It's also surprisingly spacious for its size. There is a strap on the back that allows you to hook it onto the handle of larger suitcase when its stacked on the larger suitcase.
Received it on Wednesday and tested it on the river in Taos, nm river. Really enjoyed riding it down the Rio George. The only bad thing happened is, I lost the cover to the pump. The flimsy string that was tied to it came off and so did the cover to the pump. ????
Tried it last week. Easy to set up and ride. Love it
I love the pathfinder luggage, it holds a lot, about maybe five days. Thank you for the product.
We are giving these out to truck drivers and are perfect. It will help them from losing papers and hold pens and other items. Thank you so much for the 2 day delivery!
No outside hook to hang on wall. Pivoting clip very tight and scratches clamp.
Great Storage Clipboard. Plenty of space for my various daily paperwork, legal pad, and even a divider for pens.
Great product. It is just what I was looking for.
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