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Applicable industry for aluminum honeycomb core


(1) Purification: air conditioning cold catalyst network, water purification network, refrigerator deodorant block, heater lattice grid, air freshener wind guide, etc.;

(2) Chemical fiber: chemical fiber spinning mechanical rectifying plate, etc.;

(3) rectification: wind tunnel rectifiers, medical rectifiers, etc.;

(4) Lighting: various exhibitions, light guide gratings, lighting, barriers for traffic lights, etc.;

(5) Audio: flat panel, long thin speaker, small and medium-sized traditional speaker, earphone speaker, etc.;

(6) Machinery: mechanical lightweight platform, laser cutting machine platform, screen printing machine platform, etc.;

(7) Sports: hockey sticks, scooters, sports shoes, etc.;

(8) Transportation: air, aerospace, railway trains, subway trains and ship interior panels, carriages, train doors, train interior panels, ship bulkheads, etc.;

(9) Furniture: electronic whiteboard, kitchen cabinet, ecological door, office furniture, exhibit furniture, etc., with the functions of moisture-proof, anti-mite and fire-proof, its resistance to pressure and bending is much better than traditional materials.

(10) Construction: aluminum honeycomb curtain wall panel, aluminum honeycomb ceiling composite panel, aluminum honeycomb anti-static composite floor, aluminum honeycomb partition composite panel (electronic workshop), aluminum honeycomb composite fire door,

     Aluminum honeycomb composite marble board, elevator substrate, lighting, interior panel, ceiling, acoustic panel, electromagnetic shielding room, clean workshop, etc.;

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