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Aluminum veneer - Zhongshan Light Cube


Business Scope: Exhibition Center

Area: Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City

Zhongshan Guzhen is an emerging LED cluster production and sales base. Carlos signed the Light Cube LED urban curtain wall decoration project. In order to achieve the visual effect of the grotesque, our Carlos design team adopted three superimposed aluminum alloy engraving panels and aluminum honeycomb panels. For the wall decoration, a plurality of diamond plates are used for splicing installation; the diamond plate size 7321mmX4661mmX863mm (length X width X arch height) is assembled by four triangles having the same size (the length of the three sides is 4340mm, 3745mm and 2462mm). A total of 20,000 square meters. This special-shaped splicing technology realizes an irregular spherical visual effect and presents a shocking fresh effect. In the Light Cube project, Carlos gave a new interpretation of the “bent” aluminum veneer.

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