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Aluminum veneer is the most environmentally friendly decorative materials


    Recent years have seen the increasingly harsh climate conditions and frequent bad weathers such as smog, acid rain, and rainstorms. This has aroused attention. Why do these happen? In fact, they are closely related to the construction and decoration materials.

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    Statistics show that smog is partially a result of the construction dust. The exterior walls of many buildings are decorated with traditional materials like marble, mosaic, and ceramic tiles. They would produce a large amount of dust and wastewater during processing, and would seriously pollute the environment. Worse, these materials should be processed on the construction site for the second time, and a large number of auxiliary materials such as cement and concrete are needed for their installations. Here comes dust again and furthermore aggravates the environment pollution.

 So, what construction and decoration materials are energy-saving and environmental-friendly?

    Aluminum veneer: It is the most environmentally friendly decorative materials. It can be shaped at one time in the factory and requires no secondary processing on the construction site. It can be easily installed with duct corner, keel, and other accessories instead of cement and sandstone. It is 100% recyclable. What's more, it has strong plasticity, and its surface can be customized into the wood grain, stone grain, bamboo grain, etc. All of these make it incomparable.

    In conclusion, extreme attention should be paid when selecting construction and decoration materials. It is a way to protect the environment we rely on for existence. The aluminum veneer is the best choice. It is green, environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable. 


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