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Aluminum Veneer Engraving Technology


Material: Aluminum veneer - stone plate

Thickness: 3.0mm

Size: 4500*4500mm

Technical requirements: cutting, scribing, bending, rolling, argon arc welding, grinding, assembly, polishing

Performance requirements: environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely fireproof, strong three-dimensional surface, anti-static, no dust and easy to clean.


The large-scale laser engraving machine has a three-dimensional effect on the aluminum veneer processed by a series of complicated processes, the effect is more realistic, and it is closer to the characteristics of the natural pattern, more texture, and can give people a more intense visual and psychological impact.

The hollow aluminum veneer is mostly used for interior and exterior wall decoration of buildings. It can be used for sunshade and ventilation, beautifying the appearance of the building and adding a lot of artistic atmosphere. In addition, the hollow aluminum veneer can be recycled and reused 100% green and healthy.

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