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Aluminum veneer construction technology


Construction process flow chart: Measure and set out the measurement results to draw the construction drawing → the installation of the connector → the processing and production of the aluminum veneer → the construction material arrives at the construction site → the special requirements and guarantees for the installation of the aluminum veneer → the installation of the aluminum veneer → the glue

1. Measure and pay off

(1) Measure the main structure of the project with theodolite, level, steel wire, ink cartridge, steel tape, etc., and release the main line according to the construction drawing approved by the owner and the design institute, and mark it.

(2) Take the axis and the horizontal elevation as the reference points, and the reference points should not be less than two points. When determining the reference points, repeat the measurement to ensure that the positioning is accurate and correct, and implement segmentation control to digest errors in the corresponding axis to eliminate Cumulative error.

(3) Based on a certain base point of the structure, lead to the reference point with a level, and mark the position of each reference point with a tape measure. Pull a horizontal line between the reference point and the reference point. The horizontal line can be a thin steel wire, and the rope tightener is used to tighten it to ensure the level of the line. After the horizontal line is pulled, the working surface is measured. Mainly carry out horizontal measurement, and check the error between each reference point. Analyze the cause of the error through the measured results, check the requirements of the relevant regulations (construction) for the allowable value of the error, within the specified error range, the error can be digested, and the error beyond the error range should not exceed the specified error range after readjustment .

(4) Horizontal segmentation: After the error is adjusted, the center position is determined on the horizontal line. The horizontal segmentation must be a full-length segmentation, or it can be divided within two anchor points, but at least it cannot be divided within two anchor points.

2. Draw construction drawings of measurement results:

After measuring the building, we have a clear understanding of the error of the structure. In order to reflect our measurement results visually and intuitively, the method of drawing a drawing to reflect the measurement result is adopted, that is, the drawing of the result map, which can not only reflect our measurement results vividly At the same time, it can also provide convenience for designers, and provide more abundant original data for our construction arrangements, and prepare for the problems to be dealt with early. Therefore, construction drawings are design and construction preparations, especially for construction. Significance.

3. Installation of connecting parts (embedded parts)

The connector (embedded part) is one of the structural parts that connect the aluminum veneer to the main structure. The quality of the connection parts (embedded parts) made and installed directly affects the connection function with the dynamic structure. The accuracy of its installation also directly affects the accuracy of the aluminum veneer construction and the appearance quality. Therefore, as the first job in the installation and construction of aluminum veneer, whether the connection piece (embedded part) is made and installed, it is an important factor that directly affects the construction, installation and overall effect of the entire aluminum veneer.

(1) For the horizontal placement of the connecting parts (pre-embedded parts), drill holes on the main body with the point determined by the laying-out as the first point, and use the last point of the horizontal line as the second point. After the re-inspection is correct, the points are divided according to the construction drawings. The grid lines are dotted accordingly to determine the position of the connecting piece (embedded part) and connect reliably to avoid the displacement of the connecting piece (embedded part) caused by human vibration.

(2) The position of the connecting rods should be installed strictly in accordance with the construction drawings of the aluminum veneer, and fixed according to the horizontal line.

(3) Carry out random inspections at the first pre-established points, find problems, and take remedial measures in time to avoid problems in the construction of the lower level.

(4) The deviation of the installation position is required to be ±2mm in the elevation direction; ±3mm in the horizontal direction. Before installation, the connecting parts (embedded parts) should be treated with anti-corrosion or galvanized materials.

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