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Aluminum trough aisle ceiling


The curved aluminum channel aisle ceiling is a combination of aluminum veneer and aluminum square pass. The combination of the two product essences can naturally obtain a novel wall and ceiling product, curved aluminum square pass, through welding The aluminum square pass products with different curvatures are processed, the side visual effect is beautiful, the wave sense is very strong, and the visual impact is good, so as to meet the design and use requirements.

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So what are the requirements for the wave-shaped curved aluminum channel aisle ceiling?

Requirement 1: The thickness is sufficient, only the thickness is sufficient to be processed into a curved square. Then, in general, how thick is the curved square? Because the welding process is generally required, the arc is square, the thickness of the minimum is 2.0 thick, and the arc is square. It must have sufficient thickness to perform the arc machining and ensure that the product is not deformed and has the correct curvature.

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1.Customer frequently selected colorThe series of imitation wood


2.Customer frequently selected colorThe series of solid color


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