Aluminum sheet processing

Aluminum sheet processing

Carlos is a factory that not only undertakes project-based products, but also can produce aluminum sheet processing products. There are three different types of this processing business, which can satisfy customers' different needs.

Aluminum plate custom processing

With advanced CNC machining technology and professional technicians, Carlos is able to carry out custom processing of the aluminum plates based on customers’ requirements.


Carlos is able to manufacture the aluminum plates with the machining accuracy of less than 0.1mm.



Through CNC machining technology, we can produce a variety of products: Aluminum veneer processing, hollow aluminum plate, carved aluminum plate, signature aluminum plate, etc.


In the construction project, the aluminum plate should be manufactured to be bent, so that the relevant effect can be greatly achieved.


The bending way is divided into right-angle bending and curved bending.


This video shows the process of producing aluminum facades.

Welding and Polishing

When the product needs to be spliced, it needs to be welded and polished.


Scope of application: special-shaped aluminum plate and accessories welding


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