Aluminum Panel

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Aluminum Panel

Aluminum veneer is one of the most highly recommended products in Carlos. It adopts the sophisticated crafts and advanced CNC machining technology, ensuring superior quality. It is also rich in its varied styles and colors, which can satisfy the needs of customers.

As for the raw materials, we adopt non-fermented materials including aluminum and steel which are all 100% recyclable. We create high-precision molding boards to be applied to the product, so that it has a smooth surface and precise sewn parts. Designed based on our designer's bold, innovative and flexible concepts, the product features a unique shape and appearance, which can present a refreshing visual enjoyment for the building to the viewers. What’s more, its design also provides a broad space for the decoration of the ceiling and wall. With remarkable thermal insulation effect and ventilation performance, the product can effectively control the temperature and reduce the use of air conditioning, thereby reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment. Thanks to the excellent performance of the aluminium, the product has the advantages of good weatherability, corrosion resistance, and of course, a long lifespan.

As a product that can display unique visual effect and perfectly serve for the building for a long period, it is widely used in some high-grade commercial and residential buildings.

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