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Aluminum curtain wall veneer


Aluminum curtain wall veneer: Just as the enclosure of the external wall of the building, it has no load-bearing capability. It hangs like a curtain, for which it is called "curtain wall." This kind of wall is always seen in modern large buildings. The aluminum curtain wall veneer is built by panels and a supporting structure mainly. It offers no support to the main structure of the building. It widely applies to the exterior wall, lighting roof or cover, and awning of the building.

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The use of aluminum curtain wall veneer can help reduce the weight of the building, thereby reducing the cost of foundation works. Its design is flexible, and its presence is artistical. This enables it to be styled in different ways based on varied needs and to be harmonious with the natural surroundings. In this way, the oppression caused by the high-rise building can be relieved, and the building will be more novel and modernized. As part of the external structure of the building, the veneer can be easily repaired or refurbished. It shows strong resistance to wind and earthquake based on the flexible design. Besides, the construction period is better controllable and is shorter.

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