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Carlos is a factory who have 15 years of industry experience. The board surface effect is better than the flatness of the double plate produced by the split welding, and the installation effect is better than the double Curved curve more smoothly, The hyperbolic product provides designers with a broader space for design, Aluminum corrugated board which surface is flat, not easy to deformation.Flat-Seam Aluminum Veneer use of a variety of different colors of glue to form a different color lines. Widely used for Building Large Building Exterior Wall, Interior Wall, Curtain Wall, etc.

Aluminum Honeycomb Boards

Used as Ceilings

Hyperbolic Aluminum Veneer

Used for Roof

Corrugated Metal Wall Panels

Used for Exterior Wall 

Production Process

1. Clear Project Requirements Drawings

2. Material Forming Process

5. Used for Curtain wall of  Project 

From Drawings to Products, then Shipments and Installation, We supply one-stop Solution.

3. Details Processing

4. Powder Coated