metal roof panel manufacturers What's Under Your Car's Carpet?

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Now there have been 2 years of stories from Hurricane Katrina flooding cars saturated with the world's 'Buyers-beware'.But it's not just flooding cars, causing problems.Other liquids, such as spilled milk,snow melt,Pressure cleaning of the carpet or leaking windshield can also cause serious problems.Let's tell you how serious a damp floor is!Our expertise is airbag systems.Airbag replacement and airbag serviceSo we are often asked to investigate insurance companies,Lawyers and individuals involved in the accidental or unintentional deployment of airbags.Many of these vehicles have been inspected to know the serious personal injury they may have caused,The reasons for these airbag deployments are alarming.We found a common theme

Liquid and electronics are not mixed!!This article will tell you exactly what happened;Not necessarily immediately,but 6 months,Road for 1 year or even 4 or 5 years.Once you know the truthJust being aware of these potentially serious situations and hazards can help you deal with the cause and may save you from serious personal injury.Although it is estimated to be 500,000-600,000 cars were damaged by hurricanes and subsequent floods,many non-Flood vehicles are vulnerable to the same type of damage.What damage?Water or moisture collection damages highly sensitive electronic components in the seat and console.Most of the vehicle's airbag controls are on the floor today,Or near the center of the vehicle under the seat and console.They are manufacturers that are specifically positioned there to replicate,As closely as possible,The impact of the accident on passengers in the car.But being positioned at such a low point in the vehicle,They are at risk of contamination from water or many other situations.Some simple,normal,When you drive, what happens every day has serious consequences.There are a few here.With the arrival of winter, snow flies in many states,Melted snow and ice will now be introduced to vehicle floors across the country.Turn on the heater, the snow and ice turn into water,The carpet is saturated and finally drained to the lowest pint in the vehicle

Floor under seat.When the "sun", state vehicles grow old, sitting in the sun day after dayThe soft rubber seals around the windshield begin to harden and crack.Once the brittle seal is cracked or broken,Any rain or water that hits the roof and windshield from the car wash is now directed to the car,Hidden interior trim panels and travel to the lowest point of the car

Under the floor and seat.Or how about a used car dealer who wants the car that suits him best?With the best intentions,His power to clean every car inside him from the auction.These are not flood cars,The car just used has dirty carpets.Holding a wand in his handOr a steam engine,The carpet was deliberately cleaned and then dried as well as possible.But it's too late

The water that soaked the carpet in the process has penetrated,Drain under the seat, now collect on the metal floor,The way saturated filling and going is exactly what we don't want it wet;Around the airbag control unit.And so many people eat and drink on their vehicles,Cup holders spread over sprints and consoles,The potential of a spilled soft drink or coffee is greater than ever before.Guess where the spilled liquid is going?

Right,To the floor through the console,Or between seats where you can't dry it.Whatever the reasonThe way liquid makes them to the interior of the carpet and vehicle is exactly what we don't want it to be

Mixed with electronic control module.Here is what happens when water and electronics are mixed.These pictures capture the inevitable result of ignoring the wet floor problem.Over time,Water can turn the left part into the right part.Which one is in your car?The owner of this part of the vehicle was seriously injured because the airbag was deployed immediately when her car started one morning.She's not tied up,She was also not prepared for the impact of the airbag.When she first started her car to work, she was hit on her face and chin by an airbag for 200 miles.(General automobile safety web pageThe airbag is designed to protect us from damage.But like many other conveniences in our livesThey need care and maintenance to ensure their reliability.Most automakers recommend the maintenance of airbag systems every 10 years.Check the moisture accumulation of the floor should be included in the procedure and do more.As a car owner, though,It is ultimately your responsibility to take care of and maintain your car.After all,You are at risk.Here are some simple things you can do to determine if there is a risk in your car.Please note any of the following indicators.They may indicate that a serious problem is brewing:
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