metal roof panel manufacturers Versatube Buildings, A Review Of Our Prefab Versatube Garage

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
My wife and I bought a Versatube prefabricated garage kit measuring 20 feet wide and 24 feet long.I did my best to study the Versatube as well as many other manufacturers of prefabricated garage kits and found that for some strange reason,There are not many reviews available online.If you're a research fan like meYou already know, it's the kind of thing that drives you crazy.I decided that regardless of our experience in building a metal garage projectI will post reviews online from ordering to completing the whole process.My family has a 2 acre recreational property in a nearby lake.We have two ATVs and two PWC (Sea-doos)The storage we want for a garage is safe and completely maintenance free.Our Lake View was bought to relax.socializing,And entertainment, so we do not want the inevitable maintenance involving wooden structures.Obviously,re-shingling,painting,Or fixed vinyl siding damage is avoided if possible.So we decided on a metal prefabricated garage kit.Build the garage of the VERSATUBE

We decided to move that building.We also want to avoid higher property tax bills.To do this, we have built a wooden non-slip base (No license required, portable building not taxed in our county).Once the ground is the perfect level,We use sixteen 6x6x 12ft pressure to handle the twisting of 2x6 to both sides to achieve a 24ft length as the basis.Then we wrung two layers of 3/4 plywood into the floor.We have a 7 'X 9' overhead door.We also chose to have a translucent solar panel on each side of the roof because we like to use small solar panels to charge at Sea-Doos and ATV when we leftI made some door for a nearly new man in my neighbor.The overhead doors provided are great.The sun panels provided for the roof are a bit disappointing though.They seem to be a fairly light responsibility, and I'm worried about hail damage.Sure enough,In the next two weeks, we got marble-sized hail.And sure enough.There are about 10 small holes in the solar panel.I went back to the supplier and bought 2 same panels (At a multi-discount price)And installed on the original.Enough to say,I suggest you double your solar panel.Who knows,Mentioning this comment, they may even throw out an extra free for a couple.The building video is decent primer for more promotional stuff.Instructions are more useful.There is obviously a lot of effort into it.I can't think of any frustrating moment to think: "What do they mean!".I was impressed when I saw the Versatube frame system (and relieved)How heavy it seems to be.As a bonus,Assembly is quite simple.Just sliding debris together,Curing with some self-tapping screws,and that's it.Although no mistakes have been made,This is not Lego.Although we did not find the building very difficult in spirit,You definitely need some physical strength and agility to complete this project.A good pair of 8 or 10 feet ladders is a must.You also need a good quality cordless drill with a charger on the spare battery.Millions (Slight exaggeration)Self-tapping screws bring the prefabricated garage kit together.A small amount of cutting is also required using tin sniffing.The final result is very good.It's sturdy,functional,And attractive.Except for the slight problem with the sun panel,A five-star rating is worth it.It is easier to build than a traditional wooden garage, and of course it is fire-proof.The main thing is that it attracts the lazy part of me and would rather play by the lake than worry about maintenance.
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