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With the continuous improvement of automobile production level, its corresponding global inventory is dominated by rapid industry, in Asia,Rising demand in Africa and Latin America and Eastern Europe,In industrialized countries such as the United States, the proportion of textiles in automobiles is increasing to cope with stricter comfort and safety needs,Japan and Western Europe.Automotive Textiles,Non-apparel textiles,Widely used in vehicles such as automobiles,trains,buses,Aircraft and marine vehicles.Hence,Automotive textiles refer to all types of textile components.g.fibers,filaments,Yarn and fabric for cars.Auto textiles of nearly 2 out of 3 are used for interior decoration, cover,Carpet and roof and door lining.The rest is used to reinforce the tires,hoses,safety belts,air bags,etc.It is predicted that nearly 45 m² of textile materials are used for interior decoration (seating area,headlines,side panel,Carpet and trunk).According to a survey,Percentage fabric in car 2 total weight car.Besides that,Visible textile parts,Eliminate hidden components such as tires and composites,Hoses and filters;amount to 10-11 kg for each car.Industrial textiles are mainly used in vehicles and systems, including automobiles,buses,trains,Aircraft and ships.In the automotive textile industry,Using four types of fabric,namely:

.The airbags and seat belts used by safety measures are one of the latest textile types in the car, with a potential technical textile market, with considerable room for growth and development.Because of government legislation and consumer interests,These apps have been very successful in the last 10 to 15 years.In the past decadeAirbag or inflatable restraint as a safeguard measure for drivers and passengers in the event of an accident, it is of great significance.Initially,The bag was made for the head-on collision,but now,There are many other safety devices, such as side impact bags,knee bolsters,side curtain,etc,Can be safe in any type of collision.Because frontal collision is the main cause of accidental death.Airbags are being proposed as a standard product in legislation,This gives the airbag business a rapid growth over the past decade.NHTSA and HHS report that the airbag system has played an important role in saving thousands of lives since 1985.In 2002 alone,Due to the airbag system, the number of deaths caused by fatal collisions decreased by 20.In 1999,There are 55 million cars with 81 million airbags.In 2004,The number of front airbags is nearly 100 million, and the number of side airbagsImpact airbag nearly 65 million.In the same year,Nearly 23 of the new vehicles in North America are equipped with chest protection side airbags and 17 are equipped with head protection side airbags.By 2005,This increased to 0.18 billion airbags and 65 million cars.Demand for fabric applications increased to 0.325 billion in 2005,83 tons of fiber.Nylon is mainly used.It is estimated that the world airbag market rose from 66 million in 1996 to more than 0.2 billion in 2006,The annual compound growth rate is 12.In this decadeEurope will invest 60 million units,Asia-30 million units in the Pacific and 24 million units in North America.Although the market is growing in North America and Western Europe,There has also been considerable development in the international market.With the development of new applications for airbags,Including back seat bags,External airbag system for inflatable seat belts and pedestriansNew fabrics and combinations are being applied.Due to the different distance from the crew, there are different requirements for front and passenger luggage,But both have rapid growth and deflation in a very short time span.Folding bags must be kept inflated for 5 seconds.In addition to new uses,Expected trends include the use of newer, "cold inflatable" lighter fabrics"Mixed with materials such as fabric and film,New coated polymer (Silicone has now replaced neoprene).The added electronics and safety equipment require more space in the room plus a new conceptual arrangement.Accordion industrial fiber BV, fiber optic manufacturer,Arnhem/The Netherlands reported 84 global markets for PA airbags,000 tons in 2005.Airbags were first launched in late 1960,But it's just at 1990 s, and their use is increasing dramatically, and it's going to grow further.This verifies the research and development of design,Deployment and infrastructure materials.Prospects for textile and manufacturing-India's efforts in airbag production are enormous.This is due to its enormous demands, especially in view of the legislation,This has been imposed by many countries.Around 1.The fabric of 42 meter2 is the need to produce driver-side airbags on light trucks.This estimate shows that the airbag market is of great significance for the use of technical textiles.Airbags are usually made from PA 6 coated or uncoated fabrics.6 yarn has a small air permeability.Fabric pads include a part of the textile composition that acts as an airbag,This is the center of the steering wheel (For drivers)Or in the glove Room (For the front passenger).Generally,This bag is woven in nylon 6.6 filament yarn,A lot of demand because of their high intensity-to-weight ratio,Good elongation,Adequate thermal performance and relatively low production costs.Other properties require high tear strength,high anti-seam slippage,The control of air permeability and the ability to be folded into a closed place has not deteriorated for more than ten years.Trigger device set-When it feels that an accident over 35 km/h is about to happen, the explosive chemicals will be shut down.These chemicals prevent and buffer car occupants from colliding with harder objects.Fabric made of bags must be able to withstand the strength of propellant chemicals.More over,The hot gas does not penetrate the fabric and burns the skin of the car occupants.Perform its protective function for airbags,Each function in the system must be reliable and predictable.Detonated in the frontal airbag,The buffer starts to be deployed within 20 MS after the collision and is fully set in 50 milliseconds.During this timeThe bag must go through the plastic cover,Blow up and fill the space between the dashboard and the crew.Airbags are generally made of high-toughness multi-wire nylon 6,6 in the yarn quality fineness from 210,420 to 840 denierAlthough some polyester and even some nylon 6 are utilized.Because nylon 6 is softer,It is used to reduce skin wear.Airbag fabric is not dyed,But it must be washed out to eliminate impure substances.This may encourage mold or other problems.The airbag is in compact size,Woven fabric with plain weave.The amount of fabric needed to make the airbag depends on where it is in the car and the market it serves.The fabric used to produce airbags for drivers and passengers is a quiet difference.The side airbags of most drivers are painted using lower denier yarn to give strong light-Weight fabric.The more loose weave has been allowed by the stronger nylon 6,6 yarn, making light weight fabric,Rigidity and better packaging.Fabrics used to produce passenger airbags are generally uncoated.These types of passenger bags are bigger, so they create lower gas pressure,There is a longer period of inflation,And the gas is cooler.The constituent yarn is a relatively heavy Dan.Normally,The airbag fabric is made of a sword loom or an air jet loom with an electronic treasure.The earliest airbags were neoprene coating and woven nylon 6,6,But later a lighter and thinner silicone coating version.Afterwards,though,Uncoated fabrics have appeared.Most of these fabrics are coated with elastic materials such as neoprene or silicone.The long-standing popularity of airbag coating materials has been seen as its ability to work as a thermal shield and design engineer can expect easier performance in their wider use.Though,There are some internal problems with the coating airbag,Covering their large thickness,The attenuation that cannot be folded into small spaces and tilted over time.The coating method is simple to cut and sew and the air porosity can be well managed.Shortcomings related to coated airbags and their subsequent replacement with uncoated materials have led to significant development in both sectors of the industry.Uncoated airbags can be recycled in a simple way.The first development came from yarn and fabric manufacturers,They also developed the properties of the fabric.Since the way the uncoated fabric emits gas and the ability to build the airbag to resist impact, its gas permeability has been specifically reviewed.The second development has been obtained from inflatable producers,Who has begun to replace the original inflatable,Release air,Air with the device is like argon and helium.This is a great help because these gases are equally effective at lower temperatures and heat particles that discharge less.After weaving,Airbag fabric is being washed to reduce the size.For accurate breathabilityAirbag fabric can be extended.In addition to affecting breathability by weaving and finishing,The coating can achieve precise penetration control.When the airbag material is completedIt is sewn together;The best thing to do is to use it with a laser.Nylon 6 for airbags,6,polyester,And acrylic yarn.Sewing patterns and densities are selected to maximize performance.When a bag is sewn, it is folded inside its cover.The packing shall allow the tether management operation connected to the bag.Finally,The cover can be set on the bag to prevent wear and tear.Airbags are available in various sizes and configurations depending on the type of car and steering.Moreover,The driver's side airbag is about 65 liters smaller than the passenger in front.In the airbag systemThere are five suppliers of airbag modules,Accounting for 32 of the value of the airbag system.The main airbag control unit has 24 of the value represented by four suppliers,There are two suppliers in the seat belt part of the system, contributing 31.Yet,Only 13 of the remaining sections have more than 40 suppliers worth of airbag systems.INVISTA two years agoOriginal DuPont textiles and interiors,Expanded nylon 6,Production capacity of fiber,totaling 7.5 kilotons (kt.)In two facilities;One in the island,China,The second one is in Gloucester.UK.Wide range of highly specialized polyamide 6.6 Air bag yarn,Enka Nylon,High performance by Polymide in its Auburn Fort (Germany)And Scottsboro (Alabama/USA)plants.Zapata in December2005 announced that it completed the sale of all 4,162,Security component International of 394 shares,Inc.To Wilber L, a private equity investor.Ross,Jr.Nearly $51.2 million.Zapata shares nearly 77.3 percentage of total outstanding common stock of safety components.The safety components are independent manufacturers of airbags, and the company's fabrics are mainly used for automotive airbags and niche industrial and commercial applications.Safety components based in GreenvilleSouth Carolina,Plants are located in North America,Europe,China and South Africa.Takata is a manufacturer of car seat belts.Takata began studying seat belt technology in 1952.After eight years of research and development, Takata became the first security company to provide safety belts as standard equipment to the Japanese market in 1960.In the early 1970s S,Takata works with NHTSA to meet the new high speed crash test requirements and to provide the first energy-absorbing seat belt system to pass a 30-mile crash test.Alvin motor is another company of Takata.Irvin armrestscargo covers,Molded console,Seat covers and sunglasses.Narricot industry,LP,Located in Southampton,Pennsylvania,It is the manufacturer of weaving in North America.Manufacturing facilities in Perkins and NanshanVirginia,Narricot is the number one supplier of belt webbing for the North American automotive industry.Autoliv is a manufacturer of airbagsSafety belts and other car safety devices.Autoliv has nearly 80 fully or partially owned manufacturing facilities in 30 vehicles-Producing countries.Autoliv and its joint ventures and licensed enterprises produce more than 80 million seat belt systems each year.Torre industry,Inc,This makes nylon 6,Fiber and textiles for automotive airbags,It is planned to start manufacturing the basic fabric of automobile airbag in Czech textile branch in January 2006.The company plans to invest in the equipment required by its subsidiary, Torre textiles, Central Europe.Production is expected to be 600,000 m in 2006 and 4 million m in 2010.At present,Toray makes fabrics in JapanThailand and China mainly use airbags for Japanese cars.Many individual tests were carried out with airbag yarns and fabrics said to be more than 50.The ASTM,SAE and Council of automobile occupants (AORC)Various standards have been established to express the appropriate test airbag.The seat belt is an energy-absorbing device designed to keep the load applied to the survival limit of the victim's body in collapse.Basically,Its purpose is to provide an unrecoverable extension to reduce the deceleration force and the body encounters a crash.The unrecoverable extension is important to prevent occupants from colliding immediately after being restricted to their seats and sustained caterpillars injuries.In order to prevent more webbing from paying after the accident,The automatic belt has a locking device called the inertia reel.An effective seat belt will only allow the wearer to move forward a maximum of about 30 cm to avoid contact with any fixed part of the car.Seat belts are believed to have been invented simultaneously in the United States and Sweden.The only difference is that the American Belt is a belt that surrounds the waist and the Swedish belt is a diagonal belt that does the upper body.Now,The mixing of the two designs is the most common arrangement known as 3-point belt,Fixed by two fittings on the floor and a third on the side wall or pillar.Racing drivers wear other modes,Especially two shoulder straps and a lap band.The earliest car seat belts are set up and adjustable so that they can be adapted to the wearer manually.The automatic belt replaces this mode to provide more space for the wearer to move.Seat belts can be manufactured in multi-layer and woven in twill or satin from high toughness polyester yarn narrow fabric,Generally 320 end 1100 dtex or 260 end 1670 dtex yarn.These structures allow for the highest strength and trend of yarn packaging in a given area to take advantage of coarse yarn with good wear resistance.For convenience, they need to be softer and more flexible along the length,But rigidity is required along the width to facilitate the smooth entry of the casing between the buckles and the retractions they easily slide.The edges need to be resistant to scratches,But not disturbing rigidity and the fabric must resist microorganisms.Nylon is used for some early safety belts,However, due to its high anti-ultraviolet degradation ability;Polyester is now widely used all over the world.Normally,Performance standards require seat belts to limit passenger weight by 90 kg to participate in a collision at 50 km/h (about 30 mph)Enter a fixed object.The tensile strength of the straight pull shall be at least 30 KN/50mm.Other tests include accelerated aging and manufacturing-up form,Resistant to fastening and unfastening 10,000 times.The seat belt must last without any major deterioration.In many cars,After ensuring the inclusion of the airbagEfforts have been made to connect the functions of these two devices (Seat belts and airbags.There is no doubt that airbags help save lives,But sometimes they can also be the source of serious injuries.Look for a unified airbagIt is possible to perceive whether the passenger's size or seat is empty and to respond in this way,In progress.In this way, "smart", the airbag will contain the sensor to judge the weightThe size and location of the car passengers, so the deployment is more appropriate.In addition,Safety devices related to safety belts and other safety items,Especially for children and passengers.In development.The trend of uncoated fabrics is expected to continue, so the trend of airbag increase per vehicle and fuII will continue.size bags.Producing bags using more reasonable technology and relevant specifications manufactured by the automotive industry is also a technical challenge.
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