metal roof panel manufacturers Snow Guards For Metal Roofing - Minimize Liability by Preventing Dangerous Snow and Ice Slides

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
In a cold climate,Contractors and owners of buildings with metal roofs should consider potential liability for snow and snow avalanches after any winter storm.When the weather breaks, the sun rises,It melts the ice on the surface of the roof panel.The water melted from snow creates a lubricant, a catalyst for snow and ice sliding.These dangerous avalanches may cause injury or death to pedestrians,bend gutters,Destroy the car,HVAC equipment,Livestock and other property.With more than 32 years of experience, providing snow guards for the backframe industry,We found that several important factors need to be taken into account when choosing the right snow shield in metal roofing applications.The most important feature is height,Width and shape of snow-proof or railway system.This determines that it can block the thick layers of ice and snow.The cushion guard should have a plane,Face mounted forward, measures at least 3 inch and stands no less than 2.5 inches high.It has to be installed in the lowest part of the roof panel where snow and ice actually move,Not on the high seam above the problem area.Snow guards installed in high seams will stop working as soon as snow and ice are on the panel and become below guard.The bar or rail system should always have a flat or square tube with ice plugs,At least 3 inch wide,Installed perpendicular to the flat panel.Installing the right type of ice stop is the key to keeping snow and ice inside and outside the bar.The two most common snow retention systems today are Pad-style Guards mounted on the panel unit and track system, and crimp seams.Floating panel in standing seam,Adhesive installation is the preferred method for pad-type snow guards.This installation method does not limit the natural thermal expansion and contraction process of floating metal roof panels, in the event of serious snow drifting conditions,It provides a release function that eliminates the possibility of damage to the panel.Another way is to curl up on snow-proof or rail systems.It is important to keep in mind that there may be no release in the guard or rail crimp and panel damage if the snow load exceeds the design capacity of the fixture.Therefore,These systems should always be installed in strict accordance with the manufacturer's advice!Another notable consideration is the type of material for snow guards.Transparent polycarbonate is almost invisible and does not produce corrosive current reactions that cause different metals to be exposed to outdoor elements.Because all plastics cannot maintain the same properties under various weather conditions,Consumers should only consider using products made at the Virgin level,UV stabilized,Main polycarbonate material.Our company uses the same type of polycarbonate,Approved by NASA,Used to make astronaut masks.There are other things to consider.The snow guards in the clearing pad style are far less visible than the colored roofs.The snow guards with matching colors will act as sunbathing and cast a conspicuous shadow.Think about this scene,A man stood in front of a building, looking up at the roof.What did they see?They observed all the prominent objects that were not mixed with the sky,Including non-transparent snow retention system.Clear snow guards are unified with the skyline, in most cases,Almost impossible to detect.There are so many snow protection options on the market today.It may be difficult to choose the right system for your roof, as it is not just a snow retention system, it is perfect for every application.Some types of metal roofing do not have the appropriate seam height and are not structurally suitable to use the clamp system.Although it is usually harmless to install the system using adhesive panels,Weather conditions may not always be ideal for immediate installation.When it really comes down,Choosing an experienced manufacturer and following their instructions and spacing advice is the key to the successful installation of snow insurance.
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