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by:Carlos     2019-04-05
The module structure is designed to protect solar cells from the environment.It consists of several layers to protect the Circuit of the solar photovoltaic cell, making the module easy to install.The materials used in these layers determine the cost and durability of the module.The solar cells themselves and their circuits are completely wrapped in plastic.The first layer of tempered glass,Solar cells,Provides high transparency and low absorption.It also exercises strength to reduce the impact of falling trees or hail.The multi-The layered back plate protects the plastic and cells from scratch and prevents moisture from entering the module.Edge seals are used to protect the edges of the glass from the penetration of dirt,water,or other non-Friendly material.The metal frame is fixed throughout the glass laminate.The metal frame gives the rigidity and strength of the module and allows the module to be connected to the installation system.There are three basic modules for solar design.The first is the standard framework module you may have experienced in the past.This design method, which has been in use for 30 years, usually involves an aluminum frame that allows the module to be installed in some sort of rail structure and then connected directly to the roof.The module is above the roof surface,To provide space for air to flow under the module,This helps the cooling system to make it work more efficiently.At the same time,rain water,leaves,twigs,Other debris can also flow under solar panels.The track structure is connected to the roof by a column fixed to the roof formation of the long tension screw.This method is applicable to most types of roofs,Including tiles,wood shingles,and asphalt.The roof is tightly sealed after the pillars are installed to prevent any chance of leakage.The module design can also be installed into the ground frame structure.Such a structure can be built on any stable terrain,Can be made of metal or wood,And the module can be kept at any tilt angle or orientation (note:See previous articles on sun angles.The ground mount can also be a rod structure that reduces basic work to your home.It can be fixed (i.e.Without a small motor, constantly locate the solar panel with the sun as it tracks in the sky)Or it can use a small motor to track the sun in one day and one year.The second type of module design is to allow the module to be integrated into the roof material of the house.System directly connected to the roof material (i.e.Replace the shingles or tile to the roof top)Called integrated solar module.The module frame design has been modified to have the same profile as the adjacent flat concrete tiles.The module is unpacked in the rail structure but is directly attached to the roof surface.This low-key installation allows the module to fit into the exterior of the roof, avoiding the modified appearance of the standard installation of solar modules.The emergence of this more attractive roof integrated product has encouraged many production home builders to incorporate solar systems into their projects.This type is mixed with the roof material and is directly attached to the roof surface.One is the design of a single crystal Ridge frame provided by some existing manufacturers.These photovoltaic panels have become more efficient and they are integrated into the roof structure.These solar cells use the same crystalline silicon technology as today's standard modules.This setup has more mounting frames in series with fewer solar cells.This could lead to a more expensive solar system.Because the roof integration system is installed directly on the roof,They don't have the airflow of standard modules, so the temperature of solar cells is getting higher and higher,Limit their efficiency.Other integrated solar cell products provided,by UNISOLAR,It is a flexible amorphous technology.This type of solar panel is called a film,sheet solar,or nano-solar.It is mixed with asphalt tile roof.It's a bit inefficient,Often degraded faster,And there may be a shorter feasible live spam.The manufacturer claims that the module is better in high shadow situations.It is encouraging to see new solar systems entering the market with enhanced technology,Better integration options,And less complexity.This will take time to resolve the errors of these cutting-edge products.With new technology.We think that (hopefully)Lower cost of ownership.This should strengthen the use of household solar systems worldwide.This will be an innovative financing option that allows homeowners to use technologies that will lead to explosive growth.New solar technologies are moving forward.Exciting investments and proof of concept technology are everywhere.It's hard to refute,faithful,and well-Silicon-based solar cells have been established.These systems have a life span of 30 years and have been actively used for decades.The only deterrent.until now,Has always been the high price of the system.Choose to rent the entire solar system, including a continuous maintenance system for up to 25 years,Now the homeowner's choice has to do with the use of renewable energy in their homes, which is very exciting.
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