metal roof panel manufacturers Preventive Maintenance Can Extend Your Water Heater's Useful Life... Check Yours Today!

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Your water heater is probably the most important part of your home plumbing system.A properly maintained heater can last for 10 to 15 years or more.But,Heaters that are not properly maintained can fail for four to six years.The drinking water condition in your area and the location of the heater in your home are out of controlHowever, proper maintenance of the heater and piping system is critical for the life and safety of the heater.This article gives you a list of items to check for tank type and tank-free water heaters.When you go through the steps of checking your heater,If you have any doubts about your abilitiesGet a professional,Licensed plumber involved!You're dealing with hot water,natural gas,And electricity!Water box water heater maintenance:(Gas water heater only)Note:The poor exhaust pipe connection will crash, causing carbon monoxide poisoning,Silent and deadly gas!(T&P Valve)The T & P valve is designed to prevent the heater from exploding if the pressure or temperature of the water exceeds the safety limit.Note:Water leaking from the T & P drain will signal damage to the T & P valve,High water pressure,Or failure of thermal expansion device.(All water heaters)Note:A gift that you have a high water pressure is when the T & P valve is turned on and off at the beginning of the heater.Note:A rusty accessory or discolored housing is a sign that leaks exist!Note:Any above 120 Fahrenheit significantly increases the risk of burns,energy use,And sediment construction-At the bottom of the heater!(Gas water heater)Note:Black smoke in the combustion chamber means drafting questions.Burning problem,fume problems,And a fire hazard!(Gas water heater)Note:A newer water heater may have a "filter combustion chamber" that should address the needs of the base.Check the owner's manual for your heater.(Gas water heater and tank-free water heater)Note:The corrosive air entering the burner will erode the heater prematurely.Corrosion and rust inside the tank -?The inner tank of your heater is lined with steel and glass to prevent rust.Installed in the tank to protect the steel tank inside the glass lining from rust.Aluminum/zinc or magnesium anode rods are corroded over time and used through the electrolysis process.Note:Replacing the anode Rod can extend the service life of the heater,It should be done by trained people.Professional service technician.Sediment construction-up-The sediment is produced when hard water is heated.The build-The deposit at the bottom of the tank causes the bottom to overheat and melts the glass lining of the tank.It can drift into a loop line,Plug open check valve,And cause the circulating pump to persist until it burns.Sediment construction-Noisy operation is encouraged at the bottom of the gas water heater.Noise is caused by a small amount of water under the sediment layer becoming a steam bubble,Then suddenly collapsed.Note:Sediment construction-Up can reduce the energy efficiency of the heater and cancel the warranty on some residential water heaters!No tank water heater maintenance:Flushing-Depends on the water quality.Refer to your manufacturer's suggested rinse.(Usually calcium or lime)This may have been built inside the boiler.low-Clean up any deposits.Note:This can overwhelm a "Do-" without proper equipment-It-Yourselfer"!Note:Consult the manufacturer's cleaning direction to avoid damage caused by hot water.Trouble Shooting-If your water heater failsThe error code will flash on the digital display of the control panel.Note:If any remedy involves gas or electricity,Or if you have any questions, perform the remedy yourself as a qualified service technician!Make sure he knows your heater brandHave the right tools to diagnose the problem,And there are parts maintenance units.
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