metal roof panel manufacturers New Building Construction Methods - Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
We are increasingly seeing the impact of building collapse due to earthquakes in areas such as Haiti, and collapse due to poor workmanship such as the recent collapse of buildings in Kiambu.With rapid urbanization,more high-High-rise buildings are building the perfect recipe for disaster in major towns as people are trapped in tons and tons of concrete and buildings unfortunately crash-Either it was caused by an earthquake or it was not well-made.There are solutions to avoid this kind of disaster with flexible steel mesh support building light-Weight sandwich panel wall filling.Several major towns in Kenya, such as Nakuru, sit in the middle of the Rift Valley, an area where the earthquake is unstable and the earthquake does not know to inform before they strike.Measures should be taken to ensure the establishment of early warning mechanisms to avoid disasters.Countries like Japan that are prone to earthquakes have an average of 40% new highs-High-rise buildings appearing in steel frame-The highest in the world-This is partly due to the ability of steel to resist the effects of severe earthquakes.Past earthquakes in the United States [San Francisco-1906,Long Beach-1933,and Japan [Kanto -1923]In the first part of this century, engineers have confidence in steel as a reliable material for seismic design.In these events,Compared with concrete and masonry buildings of similar scale and scale, the problems observed in steel structures are usually less.The construction of PEB system is based on the United States.S.A building code.The PEB system originated from you.S.A produces more than 1 million PEB structures per year.In Kenya,We mainly rely on the British building codes and standards for construction.The British standards are mainly strengthened-The foundation of concrete, such as the design of columns and beams in most structures, is concrete-Sister thickness between 8mm and 20 based on steel strand reinforcement is inside.This is the type of building that you will see every day in Kenya and East Africa.The PEB system replaces concrete columns and beams with type I steel beams and columns.With the rapid increase in the price of concrete produced by cement,This design is of course more cost-effective.The surface of the floor can be made of concrete or steel.International Casino parkingTravel around Chiromo Road.A good example of this in Kenya is the car Pak at the International Casino Hotel next to the Chiromo road detour near the western regions.This parking lot has a concrete surface suspension and steel beams and column support as shown below.The parking lot is solid-It supports the weight of the car very man for many years and it does not have a slight sign of failure.This means that if the loading used to support the building is mainly human and furniture e.g.Office and residential buildings,The PEB system will work well because if it can support the heavy load of the car,Then it can support the light load of human and furniture.Seismic load design.The structural design of the PEB will depend on the live load,Earthquake,Side branches and wind loads designated by the consultant structural engineer along with the relevant local authority building approval department.The main building structure includes two subsystems:-[1]Rigid steel frame including columnrafters,Liang and Rawlins and [2]Walls and roof panels.The roof and walls are made of sandwich panels.The sandwich panel includes external metal skin,Inner flat skin made of polyurethane inner core and metal.The core thickness can be 35,50,75 and 100mm.The density of polyurethane is 35-40Kg/m3.Design Code.The design code used is in line with the steel structure construction manual published by the American steel structure society [AISC].All welding is welding code according to the structure-Steel D1.1 American Welding Association [AWS].PEBs was designed using the guidelines issued by the American Association of metal building manufacturers.S.This is a world -?Pre-recognized authority-Engineering steel structure construction and its guidelines are accepted as standard practice in his industry.The recognized code is the International Building Code issued by the International Code Committee of the United States.S.A.In Kenya,recently,He set up a committee under hosing to review the national building regulations announced on 1963 and has withdrawn from-dated.This code is based on the building code in the UK and therefore effectively blocks other costs-Effective construction methods such as PEB in Kenya.Once the new building code is released,We hope that it will include other innovative construction methods found around the world, especially now that we have seen some buildings collapse around Kenya.
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