metal roof panel manufacturers Metal Roofing - Oil Canning Explained

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Sometimes visible waves in the building metal roof are the so-called results in the industry "canned oilAs the metal forming and work
, whether in the panel forming process or by the installation personnel
-site, introduced the pressure, sometimes show the surface wave along the panel
.Steel, copperAluminum and other metals have been used as roofing materials for centuries and tanks have been in existenceIn modern manufacturing technology to reduce and eliminate surface wave has made significant progress.
However, it is still the most part of the metal roof projects more or less
There is a higher degree of pressure plate installed in the field
, such as curved roof sections or uneven roof surfaces.More vulnerable to visible effects of tanks.In almost all cases
North America, mainly metal roofing products manufacturer and installer literature public discussion of this problem, and it is equipped with the fact that the fixed part of seam roof.
Of course,
, different panel model and different roof configuration will have different levels of oil cans
Still, even a perfectly straight roof can show signs of it

Metals contract and expand its width and length and the temperature changes
Thermal expansion and contraction of the changes will affect oil cans under certain conditions will be reduced, and some are more obvious
And .

The fact is, it's part of the metal roof feature

If you look at a variety of standing seam roof you will find that they often have a certain amount of oil cans

It's not the reason for the rejection, and it doesn't degrade the effect or the weather.- the seal of the roof
When choosing a new roof standing seam model project
, I suggest to choose a model with stiffening rib or stripe along the plate length, as this will greatly reduce or eliminate oil cans to the naked eye can see
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