metal roof panel manufacturers Metal Roofing - Choosing the Right Underlayment

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
There are three basic types of roofing roofing liner materials:- felt underlayment
- rubber asphalt liner
- synthetic underlayment
Feeling deficiency(Say again "tar paper"
)Underlayment: this is the lowest cost
- and for a good reason
::: Absorb moisture and wrinkles in rain and snow;Weep in the wind;Fasteners, easy to tear
;Competitors, than many of its synthesis is much heavier
;Rubber asphalt
: A selfAdhesives and self
-sealing filmThis is a good choice for low slope and water penetration prone areas
;· SelfSupporters of the adhesive waterproof membrane if installed correctly
.· Self-Nail heads and fasteners around the seal, which is particularly important for low ones.Slope roof
.Can be exposed to rain or snow for a period of time without worrying about leaks.A high, a specific brand
Resistance to temperature and
Suitable for metal roofing
.WarningDon't use grain coating film
Hurry up! Shrink as the metal panel expands and changes in temperature, wear particles primer and zinc/aluminum zinc alloy plating coating
This will lead to premature corrosion and invalidate the panel manufacturer's guarantee

Recommended products
Grace: "ice and water shield"
, by Tarco, leakage Barrier PS 200 Ice Water Armor (LeakBarrier PS 200)Synthetic underlayment
:A light
-weightA high,
But felt underlayment lead to reduce the number of workers fatigue, increased security
;: breathable varieties to ensure that moisture is not trapped on the roof deck;For four months after exposure to heatCold, wet, and/or weather conditions
;With a non available
- sliding surface, thus improve the safety of the roof
.recommend products: TriFlex 30 by grace
Titanium, UDL
By Interwrap - 25 years
Summary:, use the roof underlayment between plate and metal plate is always recommended, to condense
. This protects the wood on the roof deck from potential corrosion, as well as the metal panel from frequent contact with wet surfaces

, follow the manufacturer's guidelines in membrane installation option
Tighten the pattern
, weather conditions, and are important factors in the roof deck to achieve lasting results
.* We do not recommend the use of staples when using linersUsing the plastic cover plate nailed or conventional roofs
Must be plating /
(zinc, stainless steel
) Corrosion resistance.We do not recommend the use of "asphalt paper" in metal roof works., if you have a roof is easy to ice DAMS or lower slope roof
, a self- glue film
(e.g., water and ice shield
) suggest
.HighThe slope of the application
And thinking of combining the product
-Consider yourself.Adhesive in the surrounding
In valleys and potential water infiltration areas, lamp cover balance
- power synthesis
., never use particle coating metal under the roof
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