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by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Although we are not the manufacturer of LED lightingWe have conducted extensive research on Chinese companies and learned about the operation of different companies.As part of our research, we are looking for companies that not only have high standards in their products, but are able to support it with a reasonable warranty period,Throughout the sales process, it is easy to communicate from first contact to supply and delivery, and if there are any problems along the way, it is possible to provide good service.A company like this,I bought LED lighting from thereIt is a company called Shenzhen flash Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.Ltd.(Shortened from here to flashingThe company was founded in 2007 and is constantly looking to improve what is an already impressive stock range.Flash has state-of-the-art testing facilities and a clean and well-kept factory work area.The flash has many various types of lighting available with office LED panel lights, and also LED drop lights and tubes to replace fluorescent lights.They have recently researched and developed their own commercial industry for LED high bay lights, and they also have special LED tube refrigerator applications.They even have a range of emergency lighting areas to take care of their emergency LED drivers.Flash also takes care of and understands the global market and does so,In most countries, there are relevant certifications if not all countries.The flash also goes to the extent that the LED tube in the extra yard is patented and designed, so there is no fuss about replacing the LED driver, if necessary.Glitter,LED lighting in China,In a highly competitive but expanding market, the focus on products has been strengthened and stands out where possible.The other two LED lighting manufacturers will briefly contact different types of lighting, and the style supplied by Flash is Jiangsu Daren Electronics Co., Ltd.The LED light path who has a domestic ceiling is dimmable and has its own remote control.Their focus is on a product that will hold its own installation in any future.With extensive research and development, not only did the Dalen team come up with a great-Look at the scope of the product,They're over-Delivery with features such as-glare,Insect free and dimming sleep mode.This is a truly smart LED ceiling light.The other company I want to mention is Ledsmaster technology.Ltd.As for the manufacturers of LED lighting,This one surprised me.During and after the factory visit I saw their range of lights and what surprised me was the possibility of LED lighting.The fact that Ledsmaster has a series of floodsbar,The UV and street lights are impressive.The company has really put some research into making their products available for domestic or commercial or even industrial use.In the factory, we also tested the light output of 10 m and compared it with metal halides, and also tested the performance of LED flood lights,Draw the power at 1 out of 3 in the light output and brightness.Ledsmaster keeps up with the technology and offers quality products and I am happy to include them here.Finally, of course not the least is a company that covers most of the areas above, but there are a few additional LED lights that I will highlight.I like Shenzhen Banq Technology Co., Ltd.The limited company is their diversity in the LED market.Banq has everything from domestic LED lights and flexible weather resistant light strips to portable LED floodlights for commercial and outdoor lighting.Banq has been working since 2002 with nearly 1000 staff and extensive experience,Professional showrooms and great international service, they are one of the better options for LED lighting manufacturers.
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