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by:Carlos     2019-04-05
This technology is not new, though.For many years, composite materials or sandwich panels have been used in the manufacture of civil and military aircraft and have recently been used in racing cars,The construction of ships is even specialized.A typical Boeing civilian airliner may be up to 5-Composite panel 15%,Although Boeing recently announced that the new 7E7 will consist of up to 50% composites,Make it super light weight while maintaining the best durability.The success of composite technology in aviation has attracted the benefit of other industries seeking applications.A more important part of the truck industry is that the measurement of core composites is much lighter than steel and aluminum, with an average weight saving of up to 40% of steel and 20% of aluminum.At present,Composite technology can be applied to body panels and accessories,front-end panels,floor,engine block,cargo liners,Vehicle chassis,bumper beams,Tank support,heat-For example, imported manifold,Cooling module,and oil pan

Heavy wood or metal decks on trailers may be replaced by sandwich panels to further reduce weight and take advantage of additional payload and longer trailer deck life.The diversity in the materials used and in the manufacturing process enables the composite panels to be shaped into a flat or curved form with one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any structural material available on the market.Instead of the 8-class sleeper box, the customized composite board technology can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle by 850 pounds,Effectively reduce total weight and fluid resistance while increasing the payload.In addition to the light weight ingredients,Sound insulation and sound insulation create a quiet environment in the sleeper;Corrosion resistance,And overall durability is also rated at a high scale.When the two materials are combined to create any stronger substance than the two base materials, the panel is formed.The panel itself is heated and heated to the matrix or core;The matrix combines the fibers of the stronger material,Called reinforcement.Reinforcement can be made from fiberglass,And carbon, while the matrix can include polyester resin,Vinyl ester resin,Or epoxy,And many light fiber materials.The separation of the skin from this low-The density core increases the moment of inertia of the beam or panel, and the weight increase is small,Produce an efficient structure.In the wide use of high-strength adhesive,Composite Panels are precisely combined to provide superior reinforcement relationships, traditional riveting or welding processes.Keeping ahead of traditional practices enables the industry to perceive tangible savings related to reducing direct labor costs,tooling,But it is mainly to eliminate expensive equipment rust and corrosion problems or claims.The strength of the composite panel mainly depends on its overall size,Surface materials used,The density of cells inside,The thicker the core,The higher the stiffness and strength of the panel.By carefully selecting reinforcement,Matrix and production process,Manufacturers are able to produce industry-specific composite panels.Composite materials are designed for heavy commercial applications such as aircraft manufacturing,Aerospace industry,High utilization of oil exploration and military marketsstrength,Continuous fibers, such as polyurethane foam or other dynamic materials, can withstand wear due to loading stress or mechanical strain to ensure rigid panels.Applications of low strength and stiffness or low stress, such as automobiles,marine,And industrial parts,A matrix composed of non-Continuous fibers such as paper or cards can be used to ensure optimal strength -?to-Weight to specific applications.Through different composition and thickness,Compression and tensile strength and bending resistance minimize damage to rocks and debris and stress during loading and unloading.If the damage does occur,Panel replacement is relatively easy and affordable to fix most auto-Body repair facilities.The general composite panel is generally described:Some of the general benefits are:Edison Reis,B.Sc.Eng.Commercial vehicle Canadawww.ccvbc.
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