metal roof panel manufacturers Guidance on the Usage and Specifying of Secondary Glazing

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
This guide provides useful information on the principles,disadvantages,Materials and methods for adding secondary glass to improve the thermal performance of windows.The windows have made a significant contribution to the character of the historic buildings and every effort should be made to keep them.They can also reveal the history of a structure;Change the taste and style of architecture,Social hierarchy,Architectural economics,Technological skills and industrial progress.The older windows are likely to be arrogant and eventually they become tense by twisting their joints.While adequate ventilation is critical to the extreme air leakage of old buildings through windows to waste heat, it is the tragic occupant.The carefully planned and installed secondary glass keeps the original window unchanged,Repair if necessary,At the same time reduce air leakage and heat loss of conduction.Therefore, there is no damage to the historical fabric, and in most cases, the installation is easily reversible.Recent studies have shown that heat loss through conduction and radiation of a window can usually be reduced by more than 60% by the use of secondary glass with low emittance (low-E)Hard coating facing the outside.The study also shows that further savings can be made if the secondary glass utilizes an insulating frame or uses a double or vacuum glass unit.In addition to improving the thermal performance of windows,Secondary glass can have some additional benefits, including being very effective in limiting noise transmission.For the listed properties, it is important to refer to the protection officer of the local planning bureau to provide guidance before installing the secondary glass.There may be cases where a building authorization may need to be listed.What is secondary glass?There is nothing new about the secondary glass.In the 19 th century, some buildings built interior secondary glass designs as part of the original layout.Typically, a second double sling window or a heavy solid panel is installed in the space below the window.Their function is to reduce the heat loss and provide some measures for the sound insulation window aperture.Secondary glass is a completely independent window system for pre-installation on the side of the roomExisting windows.The original window remains in the same form as it is and as it is.Secondary glass Open-able,Movable or fixed units.The open-The panel can be a sleeve or a sliding sling.These types allow access to open fresh air for external window cleaning and secondary glass and external windows.The design of the new secondary glass is when separated in warm months, the extra benefits of its heat are unnecessary.The external protection of window glass using glass or plastic plates is called "Storm Glass" instead of just secondary glass.This can usually be used to protect the stained glass in the church.Using this type of system, it is important to understand the possible cases where this generates airspace ventilation between existing glass and additional external glass will be required.Before design and installation, environmental conditions inside the structure should also be considered.One option is to install storm glass in winter and remove it in summer.Built hardwood and metal windows can almost always be restored,Even under reasonable harsh conditions, as a rule, the total replacement cost is significantly lower.Solid wood used to make Windows was of high quality and very durable.Many Georgian and Victorian windows are still today, while contemporary windows can only be 20 years after they need to be replaced.Rebuilding the window is the best way to maintain the visual features and architectural significance of the facade of the building, which can increase its value.Before starting any upgrade work, such as eating water-Peel or add secondary glass,Evaluate what repairs are needed to make windows fully functional.Windows deteriorate over time, so they are renovated regularly,Cleaning methods and painting are always a good investment.For listed buildings,Total replacement of a window may require the consent of the building listed.Second glass or double glass?Double glazing usually has a sealed glass unit divided by the air gap with the 2-pane glass (Usually 12-18 mm)Enhanced Thermal insulationEspecially if the glass is coated, the air gap is filled with inert gas.This is an important improvement, resulting in considerable energy cost savings and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions,Especially in new buildings.Construction regulations make double-glazed glass quite mandatory in new buildings.Replacing the current window with a double glass unit frequently results in changes in appearance in many cases,In particular, the flatness of the new glass and the need for a wider range of hardwood sections and glass bars.In historical buildingsThere should be a strong preference for refurbishment rather than replacement, as the use of double glazing will inevitably lead to loss of traditional fabrics.Adding secondary glass is often the preferred choice.The benefits of double glazing are often overrated than window improvements in alternative methods.The benefits of the comfort and energy performance of the new double-layer glass come mostly from the reduction that will result in good drainage-With the overall draft window frame-proofing.These additional benefits are also available through maintenance and water consumption-Proofread existing windows,Or secondary glass from installation.With the regular improvement of the efficiency of the secondary glazing, the performance of the secondary glazing may even exceed the new double glazing.In terms of noise elimination,The double glazed unit is no better than the single glazed unit;And to some extent it will be worse than traffic noise.The important principle of noise reduction is that the windows are well installed and the water is eaten-proofed.Second glass,The gap between windowsills is much larger.It's a better sound insulator.Wooden blinds and heavy curtains can also significantly improve sound insulation.Glaze or draft twice -?proofing?Draught-Proofing is often not the first option to consider improving the energy efficiency of windows in old buildings.Since windows are often the primary source of air penetration-Proofing with seals is one of the biggest ways to improve comfort and limit energy use,There is little or no change to the nominal cost of the building.However,The secondary glass can give you a significantly higher overall thermal performance than the draft-Proofing alone.It also has the option to install draft-Proofing seals to Windows is particularly difficult.Same many metals-There is a gap in the frame window, too big, sealed.Windows with lead lamps may allow air penetration around lead and can be treated with auxiliary glass.Depending on the use of the buildingThe position and comfort of the occupants require other advantages and benefits of secondary glass,For example, noise reduction,May have an impact on design and style solutions.If the secondary glass is the preferred solution, then the outer window is better not to eat water-Proofread to ensure that there is a large amount of ventilation air space to separate the establishment of the outer window and the secondary glass to stop condensation.Lead paint is harmful to health,Especially children.Lead-based coatings are usually found on old buildings.Sometimes the paint has passed-painted.If there is any uncertainty about the presence of lead paint in windows, it will be stripped off,The presence of lead paint must be assumed and corresponding precautions must be taken.Due to the harm to health, the use of lead paint has been generally prohibited.That is to say,It is prohibited to use it for buildings listed in class I and Class II.In these structures, the lead paint of the traditional appearance,Coupled with its longevity and sterilization and insecticide properties,It means it is still used quite often.It should only be suitable for the use of appropriate protective equipment for qualified decoration,And it is not recommended for use where it may arrive for children.Although the main purpose of the secondary glass unit of the old building is to improve the thermal performance of the window by ventilation.Proofing and reducing heat conduction through glass,Secondary glass can provide some other benefits.Since the three main factors are working, the heat loss from the room through the window during the heating month is complicated:* Through convection and conduction,* Soak infrared light through the cold surface of the window-* Uncontrolled air leakage,It can also introduce cold air from the outer surface, or absorb warm air from the inside;Usually called air penetration,This happens even if the window is closed.If it is not important to leave the room by convection,Conduction or radiation,The Heat lost is transmitted through the glass and the frame.The glass is essentially the most conductive area of the window, but the heat is usually lost within the frame, although the speed is low.Single glass is a poor energy insulator and easy to heat.Typical 4mm thick glass has a prototype for you-value of 5.4W/m2K.The heat loss through a glass window will depend on the overall area of the glass,The conductivity of the frame material and the installation quality of the frame and the double-layer glass material.The typical value of the hardwood frame single glazing is 4.8W/m2K.For thermal performance,The best airspace between the panes is 16-20mm.A better air space allows the convection current to develop within the void and more heat is released.The positioning of the second unit is usually determined by the window display, usually only installed in the prime glass of about 100 sisters.Already said,A large part of the thermal benefit of the secondary glass comes from decoupling the frame from the log window frame, which can reduce you-The value is about 2.5W/m2K.The secondary glass transition of low-emission glass can further improve the thermal efficiency, reaching less than 2.0/m2K.It is important to keep this number, keep it clean-The standard is "visual" and clean.Heat loss from typical traditional Windows is mainly through breaking windows.With larger windows, the proportion of hot sheds conducted through glass is often larger.Because of the drought,Because the infiltration of convection and air makes people feel less warm,People in the room may turn on the heating.And the operation time is longer.Custom auxiliary window,Seal with effective perimeter and brush or compression on the open panel,Generate an effective seal on the entire host of the main window and can significantly reduce excessive drainage.Before starting the process of eating water-proofing,Think about the fan pressurizing analysis, find out the specific source of air penetration, and determine which windows need attention because they can compare the amount of displacement they make significantly.The drying up of the building will depend on the amount of air that can be passed through its outer envelope-walls,Floor and roof cover.This is called Air permeability.The industry standard is to clarify the permeability of the wall,roof,Or the complete structural envelope accepts a pressure difference of 50 Pascals partition wall.Then measure the air volume of the permeability (In cubic meters)This will pass through the 1 m² wall in an hour (or roof,or floor)And expressed as m-020/h/m?M-020/hm ', or m/h)Poor pressure in 50 passers-(50 Pa).And what causes drainage and ventilation in structural leaks,More importantly, the structure and its occupants are the speed at which the air passes through the structure.This is the easiest number of times to measure, the air in the building changes every hour (shown as ac/h).This will depend on the difference in pressure on the outside and inside of the building,Again, the industry standard is to assume that the pressure is 50 Pa poor.The relationship between the two measures is given by the following formulation:Change from air 50 Pa per hour to air change per hour under normal conditions (around 4 Pa)Too complicated to explain now.A real 0 in a building.8 ac/r is equivalent to 14 ac/h (50Pa).Windows are one of the most noise-prone parts of the building because of its rather lightweight structure.Depending on the number of openings and the quality of the seals between the openings,A glass window without seals can only reach 18-25dBA.When closed,Sealing the double glass unit performs barely better than a single glass because the 2-pane glass is rigid attached to a nominal cavity, so the 2-pane resonates to one.Auxiliary window with air space of 10 cm or morePair the motion of the two glass panes and reduce the resonance between the two.Soundproofing up to 45dBA is usually available.The sound insulation to improve the level is achieved with the increase of the gap, especially if the window reveals that it happens to be lined with acoustic materials,Although the nominal enhancement occurs with more than 200 sisters in the cavity.The installation of a thicker or acoustic laminate glass in a secondary window also improves the acoustic capability.Ultra Violet (UV)The light of the sun may cause great damage to the painting,fabrics,Furniture and other objects.Using a movie,Whether it is in the laminated glass in the secondary glass unit or placed as the main window of the film,Ultraviolet rays will be absorbed and the risk of this kind of damage will be reduced.Windows can admit that a large amount of solar energy causes overheating.Secondary glass can make this worse if they try to minimize the exhaust time in the summer.Though,mid-pane blinds,Glare paint and air space for summer ventilation can be used to help make the room less hot.Some secondary glass systems can come down in the summer months.All the air includes some water vapor,But warm air can hold more steam than cold air.Just warm,The damp air cools, it will reach a temperature, it can not hold all the steam,Water will condense out.This temperature is called dew point.Warm and humid air may cool locally below the dew point through a cold surface, in which case moisture is established-Rise or condensation will occur.This result results in a familiar condensation inside the cold window.If the secondary system is opened for ventilation in cold weather, especially in the case of some humidity in the room, condensation occurs in the external window.These condensation hazards will be minimized, and the secondary glass is:* Able to keep closed in cold weather,Because there are other ways of ventilation-* Find that the general direction of air flow is from the outside to the inside,For example, on the windward side of the structure,The secondary window provides an additional barrier to entry, so security can be improved.This may be particularly suitable when the use of historic buildings is being modified and advanced to the extent that safety and security are required.The secondary glass can provide additional security while retaining the existing window.In the building regulations, there is no specific requirement for secondary glass of existing buildings.Part L approval file setting you-Value criteria for Windows, but these include only existing buildings:The windows file standard approved in part L is 2.2/m2K.This performance diagram can be realized when the secondary glass is combined with the low E glass using the main window.Therefore, secondary glass provides the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of old buildings while maintaining their historical appearance and value.Adding secondary glass to the main window can help reach the concession when trying to upgrade the thermal energy of an important structure.Secondary glass system-When choosing a secondary glass unit for a building, a system that conforms to the design of the space and the materials must be used.There are several proprietary secondary glass systems that provide settings that are configured to accommodate the special circumstances of the structure.Proprietary systems usually have coated aluminum frames.This allows Slim Design-The line system can fit the depth of the staff beads in a typical sling window, so the blinds and windowsill can be saved.The system with more important frame parts is stronger and can allow sealing,Fixed and balanced.The system can be mounted on a cork floor using an aluminum outer frame or around an experienced Wood according to the design and fixing elements.Suppliers of these systems,Manufacturing and installation services.Or a custom system can be made by a subframe,Usually solid wood,The opening or moving sling is fixed.Individual glass windows can be hinged so that they fold window fans like blinds or operation.Most of the traditional properties are made of porous materials, which do not include the obstruction of external moisture (cavities,rain-screens,damp-proof courses,Vapor barrier and film)This is the standard of modern architecture.As a result,The porous fabric in the early house will absorb more water,It is then released by internal and external evaporation.When traditional buildings work according to their designEvaporation will keep the moisture level at the stage when the building fabric begins to develop in decay.This is often called "breathing", building.If properly preserved a "breathing" structure has a clear advantage over a modern waterproof building.Porous materials such as lime and/or Earth-based mortars,renders,Plastering and lime serve as shields for moisture in the environment,Absorb from the air when the humidity is highRelease the air when it's dry.Today's buildings rely on mechanical eradication to remove water vapor formed by individual actions.As old-Old-fashioned buildings require "breathing", the use of steam barriers and the many substances often found in modern buildings must be avoided from decoration to improve energy efficiencyAs these materials can capture and store moisture and create problems for the building.The use of any modern substance needs to be based on an informed evaluation, fully aware of the significance of its inclusion and the risks of the problem.It's also important that the structure is well looked after,Otherwise, improvements in energy efficiency will be negated by issues related to water entry and/or increased drainage.The horizontal sliding system consists of two or more panel sliding pads or windows with larger wheels,The panel slides inside the frame.Most panels can easily be removed to lift to the head frame and swing them.In the vertical sliding system,The two panels slide inside the frame.Some of the operations are in spring balance, fully supporting the weight of the sling and those that can not be difficult to operate, only for very small windows.For the window, they usually have the top window,In order to improve the operability, and allow it easier to lock in prime card.Tilt-The upper and lower sliding system allows the sling hinge to be cleaned inward.The throttle hold and brake system to prevent sliding from being able to be installed in an open position.These changes are necessary to suit conventional ventilation.The hinge housing can be measured as a single or double leaf and frame depending on the window size.The cashier is usually fitted with a current limiter.This type of system is often used to be covered throughout the window to avoid any witness lines on the secondary product.These work fine, larger pane,If a high compression seal is required to optimize sound insulation or reduce air flow,Or the means to clean/repair or provide an exit need full access.In the case of safety requirementsmulti-Point lock can be used.These designs are necessary for regular ventilation.Due to the opening of ventilation when the ash project enters the room, this may cause a safety hazard.The throttle can be installed to keep the window open in advance-The minimum value specified.A lightweight frame with panels removed from the bottom.These are the best for windows that are fixed or rarely turned on, and the availability just needs to be cleaned once in a while.They are also useful for windows with unusual configurations.It is advisable to have a dedicated storage space in the recommended removal of secondary glass.A lightweight and easy disassembly system is a magnetic secondary glass system.Multi-The polarized magnetic strip is mounted to UV stable and clear cast acrylic combined with the reverse magnetic strip to hold the panel in place at the edge of the window frame.Permanent panels are useful in the absence of access or in combination with other open panels.Careful consideration needs to be given to how to enter the glass and cavity space to clean and maintain.The panel is completely fixed to avoid the risk of condensation in the cavity can be reduced by providing vents in the secondary glass unit.There are limitations, but it is possible to shape all the designs of the outline of the secondary glass unit and the style of the external window.Secondary glass can have insignificant visual results if carefully planned.The layout should seek to be as sensible as possible with the undersized frame hidden from the outside and inside unassuming from the view.There are many different ways to install the secondary window to open the window.Consider the styles and specifications as early as possible in the scheme to ensure the success of the final result.A good way to start is to contact an expert company who offers help and advice on the planned installation.Although the frame material may be lightweight glass is seemingly heavy-10 kg/M' 4mm thick pane and 15 kg/M' 6 sisters.The manufacturer will provide advice on size and weight limits for the safe use of the planned secondary glass unit.In the design process, the following are the key issues to consider that are indications of the type of minimizing factors for damage and ease of use.The purpose of the installation will determine the type selection of the fixed position and glass.The design of the original window can be used to determine the style of the secondary glass installation.The size of the main window is fixed, but the secondary glass can be designed into manageable units of size.The auxiliary window is usually located within the established sling, or in the appropriate position within the window display depth.The assessment of the existing window of the consultant company will determine the limits,For example, whether there is a satisfactory depth in revealing the positioning of secondary glass.Blinds or other carpentry places,Careful consideration will be required.Sometimes the secondary glass can be located between the main window and the blinds so that the wooden blinds are still operated.If wooden blinds are located inside the window, secondary glass may be installed on one side of the room of the blinds.If the auxiliary glass cannot be inserted without making the blinds unoperable, the blinds can be fixed and closed, but cannot be modified to resume use on a later date.Secondary glass can visually invade the outside and inside, if not properly designed.In order to minimize the visual effect of the external auxiliary window,Please try to make sure that the secondary glaze is not less than the glaze area of the existing window.Try to place any partitions in the glass behind the window meeting guide or glass bar.The flat reflection of modern glass in secondary glass can reduce the use of-Reflective glass.
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