metal roof panel manufacturers Ghana ICF Design Manual Part 1

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Ghanaian builders are transitioning to ICFs,New building technology in the form of insulation concrete.ICFs can be used to create fixed templates for almost every exterior or interior deformed wall.ICFs can be used for both Bearer and non-Application of load bearing wall,Lower than the grade foundation wall,Single and multiWalls above the height,Insulated exterior walls,fire walls,Acoustic separation,And curtain wall applications.The most popular core thickness of the ICF is 101 sister,It produces a 101mm thick concrete wall surrounded by an ICF panel.Ghanaian builders are choosing 101 sister forms for residential projects.152 mm,203 mm,254 mm,And the 305 sister form is the choice of larger buildings.There are five different basic shapes in the ICF form:Straight form,90 degrees and 45 degrees angular,T forms,And the factory cut the wall in the form of radius bending.The two floors of the building can be in the form of 101 sisters.Examples include the exterior walls of houses and small offices.The three-story building should be in the form of 152 sisters.Works can be done from buildings of the manufacturer of ICF, such as warehouses,theatres,churches,hotels,And apartment.Builders in Ghana, such as Sirius Star Kai, have transitioned to the construction of the ICF.After talking to several customersSirius Kay won two projects in the ICF hotel.He also received an ICF land development project from the Ilesha Relief Foundation.Some important factors need to be considered in the transition to the ICF structure.The first element to consider is the wall thickness.The outer wall of the ICF wall is 67mm metres from the concrete core.Attention should be paid to ensuring that the construction and engineering plan reflects the exterior of the external concrete wall with the EPS panel.This insulation extends the interior as well.This means that each wall is always 133 thicker than the actual concrete core.This may change the design of the building to the available interior space.If the height of concrete blocks is not worthy of attentionICFs can be built to any desired height.For planning purposes,The table unit is based on a sister height of 457.Height adjustment is also available at the height of 76 sisters.The standard form can also be cut to the appropriate height.When considering the base foot elevation relative to the grade, it is particularly important to use the stack height built with ICF,The level of the brick face,The height of the floor bearing is relative to the finished grade,Corresponds to the height of the floor bearing.Another such Ghanaian building, which has been transitioned to the ICF construction, is an elegant home.The owner of the elegant house even visited ICFs dealers during a business trip in the United States.Since then,He began bidding for a three-story ICF church project.Other applications of ICF construction should consider grade plates,Grade on the floor,Middle floor details,windows,doors,Connected to the roof.Reinforcement and other design tables can be found for Ghanaian builders,engineers,architects,or suppliers.Other projects of the ICF are scheduled to begin in the new year following the Ghana ICF Conference in October.These builders choose to wait until they are trained during the meeting.Other builders who chose to prepare before the meeting are accepting the rewards of their efforts, in this new Ghana building technology known as leaders.
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