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by:Carlos     2019-04-05
The buzzword, "Green", really caused a lot of confusion.One day I had a contractor call and ask me about our metal roof to meet energy.This is a good roofing contractor.He installed some of the best roofs in my hometown of Houston.Texas.But,He did not know.If he doesn't knowHow could you expect to know.On the metal roof,We have our own buzzwords-"COOL."Cool is a word that one of the paint manufacturers came up with to describe this addition to paint to make it more reflective.Now,When someone asks for "cool" metal roofThe contractor's head began to rotate.So,I'm going to tell you why you want a white or bare Galvalume metal roof today (not a cool,green one).If your energy bill looks like mineYou are constantly thinking about how to reduce consumption.When it's time to get a new roof,You got another chance.The reflectivity and the emission rate are very large words, which are completely the evaluation criteria for this decision.The emission rate is to measure how much heat/cold is emitted through the material.The reflectivity is how much heat reflection is measured.Our goal is to be influenced as little as possible by external factors.The most reflective color is

.WHITE!Beyond White,Only the naked Galvalume will shine.As the colors darken,The reflectivity is getting worse.Tans and oranges perform better than green and brown.The more heat is reflected,The less heat there, the more it radiates to your conditional space or attic.This is the only requirement for energy roofing products.Their initial solar reflectivity must be 0.25 or more, with a solar reflectivity of 0.Use 15 years or more after three years.It's not that simple.So,stay with me.Have you glued your finger to an iron ice tray with a flame underneath it?It's quite hot,huh?It gets a bit more tolerable further from your hand.If the pancake has not touched the frying pan, how long does it take to cook the pancake?Imagine your roof hanging slightly above the deck.Instead of putting pressure on it.It will reduce the amount of radiation heat transfer.Guess what most residential roofing contractors don't offer you.In a standing seam metal roof panel,There are many systems where the clip has an offset to separate the panel from the substrate.They can be offset from 1/4 "to 1.My neighbor took soffit from his house and claimed that his attic was quite cool, and that his electricity bill was half that of this time last year.Like opening the oven door.He said he used to have a vent in soffit.But now the free air through is unparalleled.Except for the hive there,This is a brilliant idea.The ridge vent seems to be more popular than the soffit vent.You need to have a stream for both.In summary,Here is a list of the benefits of your shopping on a metal roof:1)The initial solar reflectivity of the selected color must exceed 0.25,preferably 0.50.The list of these roof products is available in is not a product,But the color of the product and the type of coating.The emission rate is a more valuable feature in a warm or hot environment.2)Select the product located above the deck.Examples include corrugated cardboard with vertical heights in them (I like a hidden fastener system.Or stand seam with offset clip.3)Effective Ridge and soffit ventilation should be part of the solution.It is not only intelligent energy efficiency,It is a powerful tool to prevent moisture collection.Incorporating these projects into your next roof will bring down your energy bill and rise in the corners of your mouth.
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