metal roof panel manufacturers Cell Phone Signal Boosters: All of the Pieces Explained

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Mobile phone signal boosterAlso known as an amplifier or repeater,By capturing weak cell signals at homeoffice,car,boat,warehouse,etc,Put it inside,amplify it,And redistribute it.The most popular products on the market include four main components:Antenna outsideAmplifier (Booster/repeater),Antenna insideConnect everything with wiring.The external antenna can be omni-directional (Signals can be captured from all directionsOr orientation (It's best to point directly to a cell tower

Benefits for omni-The directional antenna is very easy for them to install and pick up/radiate signals in a 360 degree horizontal plane.They are great to pick up and transfer to multiple tower operators.The signal you want to install them as high as possible is the strongest.Several shortcomings of Omni-Directional antenna:1)Their gain is usually lower than that of the directional antenna.2)They are more susceptible to other RF interference.TheCellphone-Mate CM100-A good example of Sis, a popular omni-Directional outdoor antenna.Benefits of directional antennas (Yagi antennas)They usually provide more signal gain (power)than omni-Directional antenna.They are also less susceptible to other RF interference.Because they offer more.The tower can usually be far more acceptable than the omni-Directional antenna.Wilson 304411 broadband Yagi is a good example of a popular directional outdoor antenna.Just every amplifier (or booster)There will be two values that basically define it.The first is the band ".Most amplifiers are divided into single frequency or dual frequency.Except for puden (Nextel),1900 MHz,This means that the amplifier will only boost one of these two frequency ranges.On the other hand, the dual frequency band will increase the two frequency ranges.Although there must be a reason to buy a signal with a booster,Dual-Band Boosters are more common and compatible with just every carrier.The second value is the gain, which will be released about every signal amplifier.Not getting too much technology,Gain is defined as the ratio of output to input.When power is specified,Gain is measured in decibels or decibels.The DB number comes from a fairly simple logarithmic function;However, all you need to know is double the power per 3 dB increase.If you have been shopping for a cell phone signal booster, then you may come across these numbers and don't know exactly what they mean.Now,Hope you have a better understanding.When searching for an amplifier for your specific application,Please refer to the following:Keep in mind that this table represents a general rule of thumb, and the recommended applications and distances may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.Antenna separation is very important and should not be ignored when selecting or designing a system.Antenna separation is a linear distance (In 3 dimensions)From the outer antenna to the inner antenna.In practice,These distances can be shorter than the rules-of-The thumb distance is listed above due to the ceiling,walls,fireplaces,metal roofs,Brick fireplace,etc.Block or suppress a straight line-Line signal path.The rule of thumb antenna separation distance is to keep your amplifier going to oscillate.In the audio worldThis is similar to getting the microphone too close to the speaker and generating feedback.Inside antenna,Like an antenna outside.Different shapes and sizes,Different uses of the service can be omni-Orientation or orientation.Many products from wireless extender (Wi-Ex)There's a little omni-The directional antenna is connected to the amplifier itself.Although this makes the installation quite simple,The unit must be a part of your home©The decoration, as it must be installed in a central position, will be visible.Most in-Building products from manufacturers such as mobile phones-Mate,Digital antenna,Wilson Electronics will have an internal antenna installed separately.This can sometimes make it harder for them to install,But there is a separate indoor antenna that allows for the most flexible choice of center coverage points.The most popular antenna offers omni-Directional interior coverage is the ceiling-Install the dome antenna,Like cell phones-Mate,Inc.CM222.They even make it low-The outline dome antenna, even the dome antenna, is similar to the lamp,This is not very conspicuous and the grid as well as any family.©Decoration.The inside of the antenna can also be directional.Wall-Mounting panel antennas provide directional coverage usually 90-Radiation pattern of 120 degrees.While coverage only provides quite a bit before a directional antenna, they usually offer more gain than a dome antenna.With that sentence,The panel antenna is great for large but a little cramped room or hallway.They are also useful if you cannot fully comply with antenna separation requirements.If the indoor directional antenna is meant to be away from the outdoor antenna, you will most likely get a distance less than the suggested antenna separation.Cables and connectors for connecting an external antenna to an amplifier,And the internal antenna of the amplifier,Play a key role in how the system will be implemented.Depending on the product,Different types of cabling and connectors are available.Some Wi-Ex and Wilson electronics use standard RG6 or RG59 75 ohm coaxial.This is the same coaxial cable for cable TV or satellite systems.Although the cost of this type of cabling is low,There are some shortcomings.For cellular and pc frequencies,on average,RG6 will lose 6-Signals of 10 dB per 100ft.Depending on the actual length of the cable you are using,This can sometimes provide more signal loss than the gain provided by the external antenna.Remember,You want your amplifier to receive the highest level of signal.For this reason,It is recommended that the operation of RG6 should not exceed 50 or 60 ft.For most others in-Build phone signal booster LMR-400 50 ohm coaxial is standard.In comparison,while LMR-400 more expensive and thicker,It only loses about 3-Cellular and PCS frequencies of 6 decibels per 100 feet respectively.Based on this,LMR-400 can run further than RG6 before system performance drops.For all three-Film system (External antenna,amplifier,Inside antenna)It is recommended to install the amplifier in a position as close as possible to the external antenna,It is possible to use the shortest cable.Ex.If the external antenna is mounted on the roof,It is recommended to install the amplifier in the attic, not in the basement.The shorter the cable length between the external antenna and the amplifier,the better.Keep in mind that there is no separation requirement between the antenna and the amplifier,Only between antennas.Consider buying a cell phone signal booster?For more information, check out the author Resources box.
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